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March 21, 1989
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Stop deleting my comments calling out Nexons incompetence.
  • Game Launch Blocked

    I am so tried of dealing with inept "customer support". Why the hell, Nexon even has one, they would do good enough, just with copy-pasting messages, saying something like - it is our deepest regret, but we can not do x/fix y. Nexon itself drove people away from DFO, and then closed game, because it did not had enough payers.

    It is like pissing on the floor and then complaining, that there is piss on the floor.
  • Game Launch Blocked

    Madcobra wrote: »
    Ty for the look in this small thread again . I appareciate the fact that you care about this problem but like you wrote you cant do anything because you are just a Coustomer support agent and all you can do is make sure those voicec will be heard . We cant do nothing too just like you but we will still write here and asking when problem not that much complicated , (because all what could be done to fix it its nothing for those people above you ) will be fixed . They could if they would care , unblock those blocked ips mannually one by one and let them continue game like they deserved . No one saying to open door for all blocked regions, they could just simply mannually unblock ppl who already used service before merge . Anyway till they wont do it and its aleredy over 3 weeks pased if i count good , we will stil be here , waiting and reminding

    As it was told before, unblocking IP addresses will do nothing. We have dynamic IP here, I believe most of people have them. Also, our ISP gives us 2 (on paper, in reality it is 4 or more) IP addresses. So white listing IP can not be done, because they would have to do that each time I needed new IP, we lost electricity or had to restart router/modem.

    I have not used it, because that could just be giving them reason to ban me for real (you can check it, most I have done, is try to launch game after each maintenance, in case this was fixed and Nexon just forgot to mention it, needless to say, but I will do it anyway - issue was not fixed).

    So answer must be somewhere in the launcher.

  • Game Launch Blocked

    Yeah, I would like to know, what happens with people who crated accounts right after launch (mine was from 2011) but then IP banning bunch of countries in EU happened.

    Edit: I am from Latvia and Latvia is not on that list.