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March 21, 1989
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Stop deleting my comments calling out Nexons incompetence.
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    Aquasol wrote: »
    You're the one making claims about lies and pushing that as factual narrative. I am asking calmly and respectfully, that you cease that, as you are spreading FUD. Your assumptions about respect being shown toward you do not give you right to disregard the rules and violate them.

    <removed, please look at warning for reason>

    Proper manner did not do damn thing. Is it so hard, to come in once a week and tell "We have not forgotten migration issue and are still working on this"? You can copy the sentence if you want.

    Also, stop ganging up on me. First Dealer, now you. Or is it more like torch race, one after another until I get to someone from Nexons staff?

    I am not asking to babysit everyone. I am asking for "an update" once a week. If Nexon can not bother to post one sentence per month (only "answer" we have is just because I tagged someone from staff) to us, I really doubt, that they are trying to fix anything.
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    So Mods can lie to us without any worries, but we must not say a word about it? My tone would have been way better, if Nexon showed some respect to us, instead of asking us to show respect to Nexon for nothing.

    If Nexon cared about us, someone would come in from time to time and communicate with us. But, what we get is complete ignoring. If I and some more people were not in this post, asking and tagging people (and getting banned for our "tone"), we would have exactly 0 answers from anyone in Nexon. Soon it will be 2 months and we have no idea if something is happening (or anything is happening at all).

    I read what kind of attitude players got before other games were closed. And one common thing to all of them was ignoring players. Ignore for half a year and then close game.
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    Madcobra wrote: »
    im giving up on this i think its like punching with head in wall , you say something is white you see white but they tell you its black laughin in face

    To me it feels more like seeing a kid swipe grandmas ashes under the rug after broking vase they were in, and then trying to make you believe, that you never had grandma.

    Do not give up. Just come in here from time to time to step on some toes.
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    I want money back. I do not even want to play this game any more. Give us compensation and be done with it.

    You people do not ban players, who post racist slurs on the forums, but you did banned me because I asked questions. I do not want to play under GMs like that.
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    Can someone show me, what kind of rating this game has on Steam?

    I remember, I had to deal with Gameforge some time ago. Then I thought - hey, at least Nexon is better then these guys. I take those words back. You are worse than Tera EU publishers.

    On 18th I am going to start tagging everyone and everything (got answer once, might get lucky again), but this time I want proof, that anyone is doing something.