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  • Lovely new trend

    I remember when those special raids first came out, it was the first day of Shining Keaghan's release. I had joined a random party of 6, this is before Rise of course. I really underestimated the strength of both Keaghan and Shakarr, and within a few minutes I died. Nobody revived me. Every single person had the opportunity to revive me, but they specifically chose not to, because you know, gotta get them DEEPS. So I was dead for 90% of the raid which lasted about roughly 10 minutes until a few more people died near the end and someone used a party feather. But this story has a happy end.

    I was last obviously, with 3% damage or so. However, I received two orange drops. An orange armor piece and a good rank 7 scroll, and you could tell when they saw that I got it they were pissed. And I was happy as a clam. Because that's what they deserved for not being a team player. Moral of this story? Take 3 seconds of your time to revive someone. Its common courtesy, it makes you look good, and otherwise if you don't, they may be the ones to get the orange.
  • Seee you Everybody

    It saddens me deeply to see you forced to go. You'll always have my thanks for the things you did for me, helping me with difficult titles, giving me helpful advice, and just being an all around awesome person not just to me, but everyone else. I'm really going to miss fighting by your side, victory was always assured when you were present.

    It was always a pleasure, fellow merc.


  • My top 10 most Difficult Ein lacher bosses

    A fine list you have there, and most would agree those bosses be the most difficult. There are cases where some characters have a much easier time with one boss than another.

    You listed Elchulus as one of the hardest. For me as a cestus karok, he was one of the easiest. In fact, I actually got gold the first time. Now as I mentioned to you the other day if you remember, the hardest boss for me was Valus. You told me he was one of the easier bosses for you, which I can understand. For a cestus karok, Valus is an absolute nightmare, perhaps even more so than iset. It must have taken me at least 30 attempts, just to get silver. I wasn't even trying for gold, I just wanted silver! His fast punches, swinging shield and quick movement are a pain for a melee character. What a relief it was when I finally defeated him.
  • Body distortion screenies! :D

    It's not exactly body distortion, but it is terrifying nonetheless!

    Googly eyes
  • Vindictus - Getting to know the playerbase

    1. I found out about Vindictus through a very good friend of mine, who insisted I give it a try. I did not anticipate me playing any longer than a few hours, but I got immediately hooked. Sadly my friend has since stopped playing long ago.

    2. I don't know the exact date I joined, I just know it was around the time of Glas Ghaibleans (Not ancient) release.

    3. My starting class was Karok, even though it was advised against by my friend at the time. I loved him, and he is pretty much the class I play exclusively. I do have a Fiona which I sadly now neglect, but managed to at least get to level 70.

    4. I know this is going to sound corny, but my greatest achievements is when I am able to successfully help others with a raid battle, finding a particular item, assisting them in a specific goal, and seeing how happy and appreciative they are afterwards. That's the best achievement I can ask for.

    5. I have two in particular. Dark green and silvery metallic, with a touch of dirty pink. And dark blue and non-blinding white, with a touch of gold.

    6. I don't have one specific favorite dungeon, but if I had to choose a dungeon which I like the most visually, it would be Ben Chenner entrance and Ben Chenner summit. I absolutely adore the autumn theme, I find it very serene.