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  • I remember when those special raids first came out, it was the first day of Shining Keaghan's release. I had joined a random party of 6, this is before Rise of course. I really underestimated the strength of both Keaghan and Shakarr, and within a fe…
  • RankZ wrote: » And as you should all know by now, lower dura = lower enhance success rate. I once straight enhanced from +1 to +14 with a pillar that had only 2 durability left. So I'm not sure about that theory
  • It saddens me deeply to see you forced to go. You'll always have my thanks for the things you did for me, helping me with difficult titles, giving me helpful advice, and just being an all around awesome person not just to me, but everyone else. I'm …
  • Except he was only trying to sell his pillar, and not his account. It was a mistake on his part, and now he's paying for it.
  • A fine list you have there, and most would agree those bosses be the most difficult. There are cases where some characters have a much easier time with one boss than another. You listed Elchulus as one of the hardest. For me as a cestus karok, he w…
  • When defeating a boss, NEVER touching any of the evil cores. In my warped little mind, if I so much as hit any of the cores, it turns into a useless drop, as opposed to just leaving them alone and automatically getting them, there's a better chance …
  • It's not exactly body distortion, but it is terrifying nonetheless! Googly eyes
  • 1. I found out about Vindictus through a very good friend of mine, who insisted I give it a try. I did not anticipate me playing any longer than a few hours, but I got immediately hooked. Sadly my friend has since stopped playing long ago. 2. I don…