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My top 10 most Difficult Ein lacher bosses

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Well, since I have golden god, I might as well give the peeps my top ten most difficult bosses to deal with in Ein Lacher to get a gold medal on.
Granted that this is my opinion and feel free to reply below your top 10 Ein bosses that made you want to pull your hair out.
I'm also giving tips for Future X gun kai mains out there.

Number 10: Colru the Golem
Colru doesn't give many opportunities for attacking, but there are some spots vulnerable at the end of his attacks to a quick hollow. Just stick to this, along with armed and dangerous and you should get no trouble getting gold. Only reason why I had difficulty dealing with him is because of his sucker punches thrown in at his 7th bar of health.

Number 9: Irukul the Ancient Beast
Oh irukul, where you have to break his tusks off 60 times to progress in weaponsmithing. Seems Irukul doesn't like it when I break his tusks down for farming purposes. That aside, Irukul can be problematic due to his charge attack giving a chance to get you stuck and ruining the run. Though, dodging diagonally to his left (your right) as his front claw gets lifted up allows for an easy dodge. He will be vulnerable at 2 and a half bars where he will stagger about. use this to your advantage and deliver the final blow with a bolt storm.

Number 8: Ikrium the Commander of the Desert
Not really a problem himself, just the explosive rings that form at some point in the fight can catch you off guard. All of his attacks are easy to dodge except for his homing ball attack where it can ruin your fun if you mistime your roll. Granted that ball will punish you hard if that happens.

Number 7: Lord Glas (Temple of Fallen Moon)
Unforgiving attack pattern that keeps me on my toes no matter what. The only way to fail this run if you get sucked into one of his black holes, or get one shotted by his Reverse gravity. He will fire two homing projectiles every now and then, which adds to this calamity of his attack pattern. One mistimed roll and you will have to face him again in the beginning.

Number 6: Elchulus, the Fomorian God of Time
Can be provoked to do the tail swipe, but be wary that his back legs count as a hitbox as well, so do go too close to his back side. He will do the swooping attack on an average of 3 to 4 times, to be prepared for that. His homing projectile camouflages with his scales, which makes dodging rather difficult and can hit you by surprise, which caused me to reset on many occasions. He also likes to be in your face as well, so he can take up half your screen when attacking.

Number 5: Akadus - Guardian of the trailhead.
Ooo this guys is a doozy. without the reliance of the traps to pin him down over and over again, he proves to be a rather difficult boss with quick attacks. Be wary that he will try to do the triple dart to predict your double hollow attack, where that will ultimately cause a reset. at his 5th bar of health, he will spin around and attack, along with using darts from the arena in an attempt to damage you. You have to play defensively in this fight or you will get punished from his darts.

Number 4: Mad Willy Flint: Guardian of Ship Graveyard.
Now what makes this guy difficult? I'll give you one word. SPAM. once you get to his 5th bar, then you will understand why. He will fire 3-7 cycles of red wave attacks that can close in on you if you don't react fast enough. Also, he will throw 5 black homing discs that will trace back at you, so be prepared to have them make a U-turn on you. He will spam this so often that my wrists were left strained after fighting him. Oh and if the red discs touches your X gun, it registers as a hit, which makes this situation worse.

Number 3: Corrupted Keaghan
Picture fighting Dr.Wily from mega man while having 1 pixel of hp left and add dark soul's difficulty to the mix. All I can sum up for this fight and you have to crank your reaction timer to 11 once he reaches his 2nd phase at 7.5 bars of health remaining. He will throw homing projectiles in his 2nd phase, along with teleporting like crazy in the first phase. You have to keep on your toes the entire fight as one slip up can leave you with salt as you have to restart the entire run from the beginning.

Number 2: Regina, Queen of the Elves.
Regina, oh how I hate you so much. You like to catch people off guard with your triple slashes, homing projectiles, mana mines, and the whole corruption gimmick as well throughout the fight. Her Ein counterpart is the same as her normal one mechanics wise, but be wary that you will experience frame drops if the throne is rendered along with her attacking at a certain angle. I tried to play passively, but nope, kept getting hit by her triple pokes again, again, again, and again. Always that same attack until I went full on berserk and just freaking acted on instinct rather than thought. This was the only boss where I actually HAD to go full on Blitzkrieg. Granted though that unexpectedly, she only took me at least 45 retires to get gold on, which is usually my average for getting golds on some S2/S3 bosses.

Now if you known me well, this is probably a cop out. However we finally arrived at the number one spot, and I know many of you may or may not agree with me on this.
Here we are, taking the top spot on my list is none other than

Iset, the Princess of the Desert.

This boss, you want to know what fury is like? what rage incarnate is like? like how it is like to unexpectedly break the rules of the game just an attempt to p*** you off to no freaking end. In Ein lacher, you face against one boss, one on one, mondo e mondo, but what does iset do? No, she calls upon her boyfriend to do her bidding and teleport around like a freaking frog giggling like a little girl as she swings her staff. Want to know what's even better? She is FREAKING TINY. She is the SMALLEST Boss in the entire game, even getting a revamp in her design that only made her taller by two pixels... TWO FREAKING PIXELS. I am not joking, there is literally no visual difference between her old and new self other than having a bigger hitbox overall, but that doesn't stop one from spamming her teleport move over, and over, and over, and over again. She will literally spam the same move over and over again, and the one thing I hate more than the enhancing system itself in this game is when a boss spams. It's ANNOYING. Oh, and if you think that's bad, when havan slams his fist down for the first time on each battle, your camera angles screws up, and since X gun kai is dependent on dodging based on camera angles, that one little angle change can SCREW YOUR ENTIRE RUN OVER. No joke. Literally 90% of all my attempts were failed because of said angle change. Dark Souls bosses, and even fan game bosses that were intentionally difficult had NO WHERE NEAR the amount of rage that I expelled during the fight with Iset. and do you want to know how many times I retried in that battle? 400. FOUR HUNDRED TIMES. That's 16 hours of fighting iset, 16 hours of getting B**** slapped by her staff, 16 hours of her laughing at me, mocking me because I get hit from her attacks, 16 AGONIZING HOURS OF FIGHTING A PRINCESS. and for those that say Git Gud... Guess what, I GOT GUD, I Got so Gud that I the most perfect RNG in the 400th attempt, even having a massive impact ready to shoot her freaking brains out as she called havan to breathe air that somehow sends you flying. There's a good reason why I never fight iset in regular raids. It's because I hate tiny bosses that move around like a freaking fly and you can't swat it down because of it flying too fast. My pride has never been so insulted in my entire life... and I thank you nexon for making this Ein lacher challenge. A perfect opportunity for the years of Torment I went through because She is a difficult boss from BOTH her size and mechanics... I tip my hat to you iset, for testing my patience to the point of insanity.


  • 2edgy4u2edgy4u
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    skipped ahead to the ragey wall of text...yup camera changes are the absolute worst in this game, wherever they occur
    muh cinematic experience
  • PowManPowMan
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    Regina is actually one of the most fair raid in this game, as skills do most of the talk in there and the only move people need to watch out for is the backslash, which is similar to most s1 rocheste raids in that aspect.

    Most of these raids aren't really problematic against ranged character like Kai. Try mastering a melee character and you will see what I mean.
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    I do agree with Lord Glas. It would be much easier if they removed the portals especially since grabbing the Goddess Spears triggers the Abnormal Gameplay Detected and you end up not getting your completion reward.

    My next least favorite boss would be Mad Willy Flint. It gets annoying around 4-5 bars where he spams that one attack.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    I'm mostly annoyed by how they altered some bosses movesets for the mode. For example, Glas' grab. It's easy to avoid with any character if you're paying a lick of attention and it's one of the best opportunities to dps. The instagib is a non issue for people going for a gold medal. Disabling it in Ein Lacher just makes it so he does his big timewaster moves more often, including his turning attack which hits through short blockframes sometimes because of the multiple arms. The battle would be better off if they left it as is or only disabled the instant kill

    I have the most trouble with Colru and Famenu on the characters I've tried Ein Lacher with. They're pretty relentless, and I don't have the patience for playing passively against Famenu's nonsense for the sake of a gold.

    Shamir is pretty damn annoying too, though this only really applies to blocking characters. It took me a ton of attempts to gold him with Karok and Delia because he sometimes whiffs parts of his combos, causing me to miss a block frame extension and get hit.
  • TwilightSparkleTwilightSparkle
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    my worst was colru D: it took me 42 tries to do it on silver
  • RenkotsuRenkotsu
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    Gayghan is the worst for me so far 40 attempt just to silver him , i managed to get him to 2hp bar before he decided to get me with thf homing missile and the sword explosion move , also i love how some boss don't give a when you are knocked down and take advantage of invulnerable frame , but nope they still damage you,the best example would be succubus
  • KourinKourin
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    Damn, Iset. I really like her character in the story and I somewhat enjoy the raid so I used to practice soloing it, along with Regina being one of my most fun raids to play. It probably all paid off in the end since I didn't struggle with these two raids at all.

    1. Colru
    2. Lord Glas (Vortexes, man. Vortexes.)
    3. Keaghan (But only really because of those bugged hitboxes.)
    4... Thor?

    Everything else was either fine or was difficult until I learned the patterns or played safe. Then it was just like "oh, this is easy" and didn't really leave a lasting impression on me unlike Colru and Glas.

    Thor, I want to say was difficult because of his turning attack but then you have to consider the cheese method...

  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    @Kourin this is why people have deemed sword vella ez mode on ein ;D
  • LaludiaLaludia
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    Kai isn't difficult to get gold on. You can bug bosses due to his mechanics. :^)
    Would iset be Number 10+ if you have known this?
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    @Laludia Cheesing bosses is not my go to method for getting golden god. While I have known about that myself, the problem lies is NOT all characters can take advantage of said glitch, and I prefer to do things that the other characters require to do so with getting golden god. THE Legitimate way. I view taking advantage of a glitch to be scorned upon and it's an insult to my pride to swiss cheese a battle due to a quirk in the game. I have never cheesed any of the 70 fights in Ein Lacher and picturing one fight being cheesed is just pitiful. It's just taking advantages of a class exclusive glitch is just beating the dead horse on the stereotype of one of my absolute favorite classes of all time in mmo gaming, and to be honest, I'm sick of people talking about how kai is dead beat easy and how much of a no brainer he is to master, yet when people try it themselves, they die as early as level 15 and subsequently quit the game because they died to one boss. If people want to play a character that they have no idea how hard they really are, then that is one example of giving peeps a freaking reality check when they want to exploit their way to the top.

    I rather fight the way it is intended to do so and NOT demote myself to Scrub monkey third class for exploiting a glitch, where I go mop up a dungeon for materials.

    This is how people would view me if I cheesed a fight:

  • LaludiaLaludia
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    edited January 8, 2017
    @ikarsu Lol, my first comment was meant for bloodangel to add to their list of easy char/weapons for einrach not to point you out. XD
    My second comment was just a question and you answered it more than satisfactory. Didn't know you're aware of the glitch already!
  • HydlHydl
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    A fine list you have there, and most would agree those bosses be the most difficult. There are cases where some characters have a much easier time with one boss than another.

    You listed Elchulus as one of the hardest. For me as a cestus karok, he was one of the easiest. In fact, I actually got gold the first time. Now as I mentioned to you the other day if you remember, the hardest boss for me was Valus. You told me he was one of the easier bosses for you, which I can understand. For a cestus karok, Valus is an absolute nightmare, perhaps even more so than iset. It must have taken me at least 30 attempts, just to get silver. I wasn't even trying for gold, I just wanted silver! His fast punches, swinging shield and quick movement are a pain for a melee character. What a relief it was when I finally defeated him.
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    @Hydl Valus has a weak point on his back side, focus on dodging while he's attacking, and when he's finished, strike his back with your cetsus blows. Really easy to exploit when he does the triple shield smash and the AOE laser beam. Perfect weaves should be able to stack multiple times during the dodging animation, allowing you to dodge multiple blows in the process. The first stage of charging to the blast attack briefly increases your attack speed, so use that to your advantage as executing smashes also counts as your invulnerable frames. If I also remember right, Cetsus karok has THREE dodges, one weave, and two charges, all of which gives perfect invulnerability. Only issue is you need a LOT of leg room to stand clear of Valus's attacks, but he can be provoked to throw lasers at a certain distance from both the player and valus, and karok can manipulate this to his advantage.

    Elchulus on the other hand is an absolute nightmare to fight against as he does have one attack that homes in on you and can be spammed about 3 or 4 times. Really some players will have more resets than they can count from getting hit by one of those homing projectiles from being off guard, and as I stated before, Those blasts can be camouflaged by his black coloring. This and throwing fire balls at the start will bring a hectic experience for those that have to weave in to get a blow. While he can be provoked to do certain attacks, he is a lot harder to manipulate to your advantage when compared to Siglint, as at any point in time should you be within his ranged circle, he can and will spam those black balls of death and/or throw fire balls that somehow hit you from 30 pixels away. Fighting a dragon is usually a tank's wet dream, and it also varies from player to player. For a boss, Elchulus can execute the element of surprise extremely well. Plus, unless his parts are broken off, Elchulus has a large attacking range, even having hitboxes where you don't expect them to be.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    edited January 9, 2017
    Valus actually has an ai exploit that anyone with a ranged attack can take advantage of to beat him up without retaliation. In fact, the only example I've seen of a cestus Karok golding that battle on youtube uses that exact method. I ended up golding the battle with pillar but I had to play really passively.

    edit: lmao
  • SylariusSylarius
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    I personally don't agree with your rankings of Keaghan/Iset. I solo'd both of them 2.5 years ago as Xgun Kai without shooting and with 4k defense lol. Literally just spin smash and revolver skills.

    Keaghan is very easy, Iset can be annoying but when you have left click... I imagine how easy she is when you never have to worry about the quick side slashes unlike Scythe/other melee chars.

    This is without cheesing, mind you.

    But Golden God is still a good achievement, so grats dude.
  • CessaCessa
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    edited January 11, 2017
    Fudge boxing Iset.
    She was so much easier before she gained a hitbox. Before I could dodge through her and continue on attacking. Now I try to dodge and end up on her side getting smacked by her swing instead or something. Or worse, get stuck on her and get hit.

    The stupid forced camera angle changes. Her retarded teleport attacks have THREE different attack timings as well that are all completely random.
    She can do her normal teleport attack which you basically have to dodge right as she teleports in.
    Or she can teleport in, wait, and then do her large double sweeping attack, which has different dodge timings.
    Or she can teleport in and then do her smaller but faster two swinging attacks, which again has different attack timings.
    And it's all seemingly random. Most of the time it's her normal teleport attack. Sometimes it's not and when it's not your entire gold run is screwed because you attempted to dodge the wrong one. There is no predicting. There's just using your iframes and hoping for the best. So for someone with short invincibility frames and short dodge frames like chainblade Vella, you're screwed when this happens. For someone like Arisha or Hurk with immense invincibility frames coming off of their dodge/block mechanics, you're fine.

    Oh, let's not also forget where she likes to stop teleporting around and will instead start walking right up next to you.
    What is she going to do? If she walks up and does one of her magic attacks (teleport, aoe cone, aoe ball) you can attack freely. But if she walks up and takes her small two swings you're hit. So want to take a gamble as to which one she'll do? Good luck. Not like RNFerghus didn't already destroy your 100 USD weapon that you used enhancement runes to make but now you have to RNGPray your way through Iset as well.