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  • So will this update bring us old players back?

    It's up to you. Do you like gearing? if so then come get yourself 95 equipment, enchanted and enhanced. I don't think this update will bring back a lot of players, 90 equipment was a pain to get, to enchant and to enhance a long time ago. Now it's easy but i doubt those old players feel like doing it all again for 95.
  • So can we get a real event? +pain

    Sansa wrote: »
    Complaining about free stuff, oh how awful.

    when the game **** you 24/7 with rng, sometimes its nice to get free and useful things, like they used to do before.
  • So can we get a real event? +pain

    Only decent thing here is a random superior gem and you know my Delia is gonna get a sapphire one.
  • Succubus Mate

    seems like you'll be able to dress your little companion, she's wearing different stuff every time in the video. This is an awful cash grab.
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    I made a Lann 2 days ago to find a new char to play for fun, twin spears looked decently fun plus I wanted to try out the new story progression (which is pretty good). But oh my god, I was so disappointed to see how everything has become easy, I couldn't believe it. Every time I made a new character, I would look forward to soloing hard raids like black belly and the titan, but after the update it's just piss easy. Those hard raids would test what you learned with your character. But now? all those hard bosses have like 3 bars of hp and you kill them in 30 seconds. before rise I soloed Titan on Sylas and it took like 15 minutes and I felt amazing after that fight. But those times are over, that will never happen again. What boggles my mind even more is that they even took away the option to choose hard mode. I can't believe how bad this new director is at game design. Since when is giving more options to the player a bad thing?! What. the. even.


    My lann is around level 60 now and I gotta say, shi t's boring. Never before have I had to take brakes from leveling up because everything is so easy and it just makes the whole thing repetitive.

    I don't have to do anymore, I think the game is dead for me. i'll try out new updates in hopes that either the game is fixed or I find something that will entertain me for a while.