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  • Undocumented patch changes

    Honestly the whisper change is actually a very good change. It was annoying when you mistyped the first word of ur whisper and if u backspace it would delete the entire name. Who cares if you gotta manually backspace the whole name? That is hardly something to complain about.

    Regarding the AP change, yes it was a downgrade and makes no sense but its not that bad either. Honestly who even just adds 10 ap to a skill and leaves it at that? Most pple will just wanna max out the skill. This was actually a nice streamlined change.
  • Kai's X gun kai rolls

    Honestly everyone bashing on kai just love to hate. They claim they play the character for a bit and think they are a pro. The majority of the people attacking kai and stating "oh yea he deserved this nerf lelelel hahaha hehexd" are those that probably do not play this game at a higher level (the crude term wud be they are filthy casuals). They take it for face value and assume things they shouldn't.

    I main 4 classes and use 6 weapon types: Spear Lann, Arisha, Sword Vella, Chain vella, Gun Kai and Bow Kai and I have truly played them all extensively and have actual unbiased knowledge of each character (you can ask alot of various people on east, they most likely know who I am and what I am capable of). Furthermore I used play alot of hurk and sword lann but due to foolish rage enhancement mistakes I no longer play them. I am not tryna sound arrogant, but I wanna make it clear that I actually know how each of these characters i play and have played work. Alot of times somebody is gonna say "oh yea i played this char and he was easy." The problem is, even if u played them alot, u either played them casually or in parties with no aggro. Or your definition of "easy" to at least do decent damage and survive. But when we are talkin bout truly mastering and optimizing character there is alot more depth. So please, if you have an opinion go ahead and say it, its a free country. But dont add on your condescending and quite honestly "d0uchebag attitude" to it and actually be open to arguments without attacking the other just cuz their opinion differs from yours.

    Now regarding kai, the issue with this dodge is that it became alot harder to dodge certain multi hit moves. People call him easy becuz most of the time they played him was most likely in parties where they didnt pull the aggro. If its simple one hit moves kai is ok, but multi hit moves like s3 glas combos, lugh's combo, eochaid's combo will be much harder to dodge if the boss is specifically aimed at you. Kai has only one defensive mechanic.

    People love to bring spear lann and how back in the days he had low or no iframes on his dodge. The thing u hve to consider is that bosses were alot slower and weaker than they are now aside from a few exceptions. People forget this and quickly jump on a certain bandwagon. Furthermore spear lann has a faster spammable dodge and his lightning fury provides alot of iframes that can persist by simply not doing any action after said lightning fury. Kai dodge is still good in comparison but lacks that mobility to defend against hyper aggressive moves.
  • Kai's X gun kai rolls

    All this hate and salt for kai. He is still really strong, this dodge mainly fked him over for neamhain. What I really dont understand is why scythe evie continues to go untouched. She can blink from one side of the universe to the other side within a second or so on top of her IR 10% spd buff and mana shield. Kai has no type of block or counter mechanic. The dodge bolt rolling was op, but just like with sword lann, they nerfed it way too much. They shud have made it in between, now its really slow

    Regardless still gonna try to master the new dodge and git gud to do neamhain. One good thing bout this, nobody can complain that kai is piss easy or baby mode anymore since his only defensive mechanic was essentially nerfed by 50%+ in terms of speed
  • Kai's X gun kai rolls

    Debahr wrote: »
    Good, this nerf is deserved. Bring down the Kais, I say as a Kai main. He's too broken with dodge spam.

    Evie calls, she wants that so called title of "too broken with dodge spam."
  • That new update doe

    Fyi, my friends and I are opening up a guild to get an extra run nemhain. More details to come on east portion of forums and in east quarters of the vindi discord. We are waiting to see how we will go about this as we arent a fan of the drama that our lovely community is known for.

    There will be ofc some stat req becuz nemhain has such debilitating circumstances and restrictions, but i assure u it wont be requirin a +15, hell i only hve +12s on 3 of my 4 main char. We are gonna also try to see if we can get a party and record the first nemhain success on east (we hve pple with op computers for that).