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  • Guild Storage holding gold hostage?

    The guild gold withdrawal limit is not the limit on how much a person can withdraw from storage. The max withdrawal limit for each character is fixed at 2.5mil per day. The withdrawal limit in the guild options is simply 'how much gold must be in the guild storage before people can withdraw from it'. So if you set this limit to 10mil then since the guild storage capacity is 10mil, no gold can be withdrawn from it. If you set the limit to 9mil, and there is 10mil in the storage, you can withdraw up to1mil. If there is 8mil in the storage but the limit is 9mil; then no gold can be withdrawn (until the current gold goes above 9mil). So setting this limit to 0 means you can withdraw gold from the storage without any limitations.
  • Which AMD processor for Vindictus?

    At this point, keep your eye on the news and don't buy any CPU yet.
    All CPUs are vulnerable to spectre hardware bug (security issue) and basically all intel CPUs are vulnerable to both spectre and meltdown bug (major security issue). It's all over the media now so you can search and read up on it. Jan 10th is supposedly when the embargo is lifted on this issue and we'll get more info.
    If you have any intel CPU then you should apply the hotfix patch available now for Windows/Mac/Linux. And go to your motherboard manufacturer's website and update the BIOS/chipset drivers (or wait for the release if they haven't yet).
    (Just a warning this hotfix may decrease your PC performance. There is not enough benchmarks out there to confirm it 100%).

    I would keep watching on whether intel or amd fixes this issue with a new core architecture for next gen CPUs before buying anything.
    If nothing is fixed, then I would buy the 2nd gen Ryzen from amd which is said to be revealed Feb 2018.
    Spectre bug is less severe compared to meltdown and if intel doesn't fix the hardware bug and keeps relying on software fix by your OS then don't buy from them.
    And I suspect/hope this 'incident' brings down next gen CPU prices down; either amd trying to win consumers over or intel trying to keep their customers.
  • Rise Update - Titles No Longer Obtainable

    I was just gonna quietly quit the game when this RISE patch comes to NA but i guess i can provide some info to you guys while i'm still here.

    Here is the currently known list of titles that are no longer obtainable in KR after RISE:
    1. All macha titles - all oath of honors are removed
    2. gauntlet titles - all tickets will be removed and the battle deleted
    3. all laby titles - the battle is deleted
    4. hero mode 50 kill titles don't count for tyrant, lagho, blood lord and irukul due to balance patch (not sure if it's bug or new hero mode is different from old one so counter doesn't go up)
    5. the title associated with 'meet the cave spider' (lvl12) battle for clearing it 30 times - battle itself is removed
    6. Everyday Hero title from the exchange shop for 50 daily mission tickets are being changed to 30day custom title coupon instead
    7. Volcanic Defuser title for killing the gigabomb 20 times from battle Burning Temple - this boss pattern is removed from both hero/normal difficulty
    8. Not Playing Around title for killing Ghireal 25 times from the peaks - he will no longer spawn with the new maps
    9. Call for Revenge for killing Vengful Langro 100 times - he no longer spawns
    P.S. other rare monster spawn titles like 'kneel before me' are still obtainable. only #8 and #9 are gone.

    Note1: Charles Race at Twilight desert will be accessible via the map which you kill alteron. (every s2 map is split up into single normal maps like s1).

    I haven't really looked into this but what I can confirm is Prepare for Counterattack and the dungeon that combines Blood Prince with Emperor are only runnable ONCE because they are strictly to tease Transformation early ingame for the play to get a taste. (those 2 dungeons were redone to make the player feel the need to legit use trans at that level) They restricted it to only one run and that's it because then you could just farm trans EXP. So titles from those are no longer obtainable.
    This is false information. Those battles were NEW battles added aside from the already existing Prepare for Counterattack/Blood Prince battles.

    (wrong thread but you know what? IT'S GOD NEWS SO LET IT SLIDE)
    By the way, those S1 raid battles are now normal battles which you can repeat without any restrictions. (hence no more seals of bravery from them).

    Although these titles are NOT UNOBTAINABLE, it will be VERY difficult to do them after the RISE patch:
    All titles associated with kick killing and secondary weapon kills such as spear kill or bomb kills.
    There are too many of them so i will not list all of them but some of which i can tell you off the top of my head are things like:
    spear killing 500 wisps, spear killing blood prince 50 times,, etc
    bomb killing 500 spiders/toads,,, etc
    kick killing 30 spinefruits, 50 everwhites, 50 quiremigals,, etc

    The reason behind this is beacuse of increase in monster HP and your normal/basic attacks now apply additional dmg stats. However, your kick attack and secondary weapon damage will remain the same so it will be hard to guess when is the right time to throw your spear/bomb or kick them for the title. FYI those spinefruits explode when they get near you and you have to kill it on your first kick but it has so much hp it won't die from your first kick.
    THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO BOW KAIS since they can just spam right click for the kick kills. But the titles using secondary weapons will apply to everyone.

    Charles Train from the Misty peak is still there. However, just like the problem in Note4, the dmg from the gun attached to the train is low. It will take 2 hits to break those +1 point ergs now (before 1 hit). 5 hits to break +2 points ergs (before 2 hits). The seeking missle (#2 ammo) broke all types of ergs in 1 hit but now it takes 2 hits to break +2 points ergs. And ALL battle difficulties are FIXED to 4 man (except neamhain) so as a side effect Charles train is near impossible to solo.

    The Koreans are still putting together a complete list of titles that are unobtainable.
    Battle related titles are all confirmed and I've listed them above.
    They are still checking titles that are associated with certain boss moves, like stopping Jugg's charge move 50 times, hooking lavasat's horn,, etc
    Because some boss moves were deleted. (added some new patterns in nifl bosses too).

    Confirmed possible to obtain:
    Cromm's plaything - getting grabbed my crom 50 times
    The Untouchable - Dodge all of Cromm Cruaich's conflagration attacks
    All titles in Lakoria
  • Easter Bunny Event info thread (updated)

    Maybe the reset is at 8pm EDT with the dailies reset.
    If there are people that completed feeding the bunny before 8pm EDT today, we should be able to confirm.

    P.S. I saw the KR server had a New Year's event that is similar to this but with a chicken and their limit was 12 feedings per day so maybe the limit is 12.
  • When DevCat finally gets it

    It seemed like you used Google translate to translate this.... It has some major wrong translations.
    I translated this to provide the correct information.
    Hello. This is DOL. (he is in charge of Mabinogi Heroes)

    Four months have passed in 2017, it is mid-April.
    Since the update of Hurk 2nd Weapon in January, there has been monthly events however
    there was no content update so, you may be curious about the current development status.

    The reason why there have been no content updates is,
    we are focusing on long-term development for the big changes in the game overall.

    We decided that in order for the players that value Mabinogi Heroes(Vindictus) right now to continue to have fun playing,
    Vindictus needs a big change.

    To name a few,
    Vindictus, as an online PC game, has difficult environment to interact and enjoy with many players.
    With large updates and advertisements, we receive surprisingly a large number of new players but
    in actuality, there are small number of players that reach the final level and keep playing.
    (The majority are 1 ~ 30 levels.)

    For the current players to have more fun, new players must grow and keep playing to
    create crowded enviroment in battles and trade system.
    In order to achieve this many parts of the game needs renewal.
    From character creation to tutorial, season 1, season 2, growth routes, ease of use, intuitiveness, enjoyment during character growth, etc.

    "Let's talk with the villagers."
    With who should you talk about what?
    "Let's go get Bryialne's Heart."
    When does it appear in which battle? In some cases, it may appear as an intermediate boss.
    Why is Emuloch so difficult, which is the correct path in the Sewers, why are the stairs in the battle Secret Naughty Chamber so long,
    the player experience of taking 20+ minutes to clear the battle Silent Blade, Blood Lord or Ekinar... are they really at the difficulty which new players can clear.

    Into season 2, suddenly hired as a Treasure Hunter,
    different battle clear methods and longer playtime, large maps, etc causes confusion and at the same time reduce the fun.

    In the past, this was the latest content, or the final difficulty, so this was possible but
    now it's early content and not a stage to be challenging; players should be able to experience it and move on to the next stage quickly.

    Other problems are the difficulty of equipment acquisition and the limitations of character growth.
    In the current game, the drop rate of the major rare items is too low, so the reward expectation for repeated play is very low.
    The so called 'Fun of getting rares' is an important element in a game; it does not apply if it is too easy to acquire
    and also too hard to acquire is a problem, so the right level of improvement is needed.
    Enhancing, enchanting also applies to this; The Dead es failing 8 times in a row, failing 5 times in a row at +10 enhancement, etc
    We are trying to prevent these kind of things from now on.

    In some views, the end of equipment growth is soon/short and the feeling of getting stronger is little.
    If you play lightly, it may be difficult to agree.
    For those that have invested many hours playing the game, and for players that have played the game for a long duration time,
    you may have experienced it was fun to farm for equipments, but after a while the fun was gone.
    Getting better equipments doesn't make you feel any stronger, and in some cases that progress is too short(ends too quickly).
    These parts needs to be improved to be a more fun enviroment.
    In order to do this, system improvements will be needed as well as all existing battles in the game must be re-balanced.

    The development team is preparing big changes to the game consisting of over 100 changes.
    The afore mentioned things are a part these changes.
    Depending on the item, there may be a combination of things that can be explained in one or two lines and some things to introduce in several lines.
    We are currently not at the stage in which we can talk about the new content so,
    I only talked about the big changes.
    New content is currently being developed with devotion, and we will prepare them at high qualities to bring you satisfaction.

    The scale of this update is several times larger than our previous updates so,
    we could not do monthly updates like previous updates.
    If we divided the updates into monthly updates, then the overall update volume would have been decreased by half;
    It would have turned into last year's Smash update.
    (He means the quality would have gone down as well with the quantity of changes. KR's smash update was horrible.)

    We aim to well prepare to meet the milestones of the development on time,
    to possibly introduce the update to the test server sometime during May.
    See you on the next development log with other news.


    Oh, I also saw comments regarding the April Fools' font change on a fan site posting. (he's talking about inven.co.kr)
    It looked inappropriate for our game in my eyes as well so I requested to end the event early.
    I'm sorry I couldn't prevent this event beforehand, and thankyou for the feedbacks.
    (KR ended the font change thing after like 2 days. We had it for the whole event period though :/)