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  • So how does it work when you get banned?

    Saygo wrote: »
    A quick note on bans. Let's say you are playing another game on your PC. Let's say you are also running a cheat program specifically for that game. If you choose to take a break from that game and load up Vindcitus (and still have that other game and cheat program running)... Vindictus will catch that cheat program and probably ban you.

    The issue is that a lot of anti-cheat programs use the same methods that cheat programs use. So one thing that potentially triggers the false-positives is anti-cheat software from Game A is being detected by Game B as "cheat software" because it has similar behavior. This was definitely the case back in the Hackshield days - sometimes Hackshield, ironically, saw itself as cheat software when it was used in 2 simultaneously running games.
  • 100 brynn enchanting

    jjX wrote: »
    In that case, wouldn't the %success chance the game shows you drastically drop to 25%, warning you something was wrong?

    Not necessarily. It can show 100 Brynns and Max% in the display function, but the enchanting function actually triggers the approximation error causing the reset (for all intents and purposes, think of it happening during the pop up with the status bar/cancel button).
  • Fiona's bug or glitch with shield/not blocking

    Neamhain patch came and it broke her Small Shield this time

    Our small shield broke in the Ein Lacher patch. According to those patch notes, they fiddled with blocking to fix a bug that was extremely rare. Whatever they did made that bug a lot more common ("dropping her arms when you hit block") and introduced a new bug - take hits through a blocking shield (even if perfect guarded). The Abyssal Arena update added the problem to Heavy Stander and (very rarely) deflections.

    Neamhain's raid just makes the bug a lot more apparent because of its slim margin for error. Typically, when a shield/block bugs in Neamhain, you just end up dead.

    Here's another post with a better video demonstrating the issue, this time with a large shield: