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  • Thoughts on the server merge?

    Don't feel bad guys. This game is way, way, more successful and healthier than anyone could have hoped it would be when it came out over seven years ago!! Next year this game will officially be closer in time to Warcraft III than to the present.

    Wildstar, a game that came out barely 3 years ago, has been down to one NA server for ages. Half a dozen triple-a MMO titles aren't even online anymore.

    The playerbase is shrinking - slowly - but Vindictus still has a few more years left in it.
  • So who wants a RollBack?

    Agree with others that +20 and add. damage are poor changes but everything else about RISE was either fine or pretty good.

    +16-20 is silly because +15 was already unrealistic enough and frankly +16 and up are only realistic for RMT abusers. Consider simply the price of the core components, it would take thousands of hours to make enough money in-game to purchase enough of them to get that +16-20. The only people realistically getting that far are people who are buying gold either via airtights or illegitimate means.

    Now granted, it's possible to get one by luck, but let's say every hour you play, you can try to enhance 1 orange weapon from 0-16. That's pretty crazy already, but let's say you just enhance blues maybe, and paras are very cheap, and let's say you even get +10 for free somehow. The chance to reach 10-15 is .08%, about 850 items for a 50% chance. So on average if 1000 people play for 850 hours to enhance 850 weapons, only half of them (500) will have a +15. Sounds bad right? If you add +16 into the mix, only about 70 people will have one. Less than 10 people will have a +17. Maybe one person will have a +18. Beyond that, probably nobody. That's 85,000 total man-hours played, and we've still barely created a handful of weapons beyond +15. Nobody can play over 85,000 man-hours solo, so who are these weapons for? Why are create an tier of item that's only realistic for RMT players? It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth to have these goals that are never *really* achievable through in-game play.

    Additional damage is too out of control and it's killing alt-play. I sold off all my alt's stuff because compared to my +15 main, it hits like a toddler with a +11. The old power curve was fine.
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    There is plenty of challenge at endgame I think we can all agree.

    Due to the very distributed population and not a lot of new players, the "challenging" low level content like polar bear was becoming frustrating instead of fun for new players. It really was hard to clear in level-appropriate gear with no help, boats took an eternity to fill up, and the rewards for finishing those fights other than quest progression were worthless. You basically had to wait for or ask for a carry.

    I agree they should have mildly challenging optional content but on balance it's probably better to ease people in.
  • Impossible to meet 60hr/wk login goal

    I don't see the point of making it so long. They are just silly cosmetic items. Is Nexon farming bitcoin on our machines while we are logged in or something? Why do they want us to afk for, let's face it, between 60-75 hours for most players.
  • Max weapon enhancement... for 30 seconds

    After over 5 years of Vindictus.

    1000+ hours.

    Over 15 failed attempts at +12.

    Uncountable lowbie weapons killed to 0 durability.

    Never before seeing beyond +13.

    Today, for thirty seconds, at 7:59 and 30 seconds EST, I had the highest enhancement in the game. I had a +15. I may have never gotten to use it, but today, I finally won Vindictus.


    Thanks gang.