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  • The dice event was so bad, I had coupons for it, saw it popped up on login and was ending soon, and just closed it anyways because it wasn't even worth my time to click it. At least give us the illusion of a chance at something useful, even like a 1…
  • For me, it's getting a little more boring than ever before. I'm not saying that because it's getting old, or because I'm grinding the same stuff, that was always the case and I didn't mind it then either. It's this stupid AD thing making me unable t…
  • In terms of ping it's not 200X anymore, I play with west coast friends and regularly see pings
  • Don't feel bad guys. This game is way, way, more successful and healthier than anyone could have hoped it would be when it came out over seven years ago!! Next year this game will officially be closer in time to Warcraft III than to the present. …
  • Agree with others that +20 and add. damage are poor changes but everything else about RISE was either fine or pretty good. +16-20 is silly because +15 was already unrealistic enough and frankly +16 and up are only realistic for RMT abusers. Consi…
  • They need to stop these ridiculous stay logged in Events. This game cannot take much more of this utter BS. Yes. I just don't like multiple login events in a row. Eventually my desire to leave the game running starts to dwindle. At least this …
  • This on my 7970 (AMD). I'll try it on the 1060 (Nvidia) later, but cool find OP. This is likely a shader issue with Source, light reflection being calculated differently by both brands. Either one could be the "intended" look, the surface textur…
  • There is plenty of challenge at endgame I think we can all agree. Due to the very distributed population and not a lot of new players, the "challenging" low level content like polar bear was becoming frustrating instead of fun for new players. …
  • I don't see the point of making it so long. They are just silly cosmetic items. Is Nexon farming bitcoin on our machines while we are logged in or something? Why do they want us to afk for, let's face it, between 60-75 hours for most players.
  • I'm glad they're doing something that messes with multi-account people. You should have one. You only have multiple, let's be honest, to leech "one-per-account" events and make profit off them, so at least now that profit is down 5%.
  • This change actually makes sense because before only whales enhanced armor beyond 6, since there was pretty much no point. Now there's actually a point to enhancing armor for once.
  • Orange drop rate is way up, purple/blue is way down, trash is taking the place of purple/blue. It looks like you get about 50-100 purple/blue to an orange on average and you get about 1-3 drops per raid that are not trash on average.
  • SirRFI wrote: » Screenshot states You have a +14. Also, with enhancement rank increased to +20 - is it still a victory? Literally hit 15 with seconds to spare, just enough time to mega it but not enough time to screen shot it. It has to be the …
  • Thanks OP for the overview. Was considering upgrading around Kaby Lake, held off for Ryzen benchmarks, now I'm going to wait for 10nm Intel chips. For what's it's worth to anyone else looking to host well, I've benched on an i5, i7, and Xeon one gen…