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As you all have probably noticed I have been leaving 101 Guide on new bosses not yet released on the NA/EU servers. As a heads up I DO stream on Twitch. My channel is on my profile if you guys have any questions to ask in stream :)


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I play mainly on the KR server but I tend to come back here when I can. I stream KR as well for the community. One day I will be a Localizer for MMO's https://www.twitch.tv/tankblade9
  • NEW Map / Raid / Reedemer Information (22.12.2017)

    I'm gonna be honest. Balor and Rupacitus is so damn good but....the common boss song is SO MUCH SERIOUS HYPE for entering the entire update all together.

    Which leads me to my thoughts on Test Server: Even though this isn't all of the update. We only got 3 regular maps and one raid and a Royal Army version of that raid the update is indeed good quality which is something we do need. I can only hope the story for it is just as good. The music is great. Most of the bosses are great (minus Shaban of the Cold AKA Black Hammer 4.0). There is one boss with a shield with like.....2 attacks from Blood Fist but everything else is original and not copy and paste so that passes in my book. I'm more or less wanting more of this update. DevCAT must have KNOWN this update would catch our attention and didn't put it all on test KNOWING it would leave us wanting more of it. Tbh it feels like they hired new experienced people to the team and this is the result.
  • Guild Update

    Levels were abandoned. That was replaced by the GP system.
  • NEW Map / Raid / Reedemer Information (22.12.2017)

    They better do Balor Justice. That's the King of Fomors they messing with so he needs to have one eye and that eye needs to be his ult at least before I accept ANY type of development as acceptable in my book involving that boss.
  • Guild Update

    So we recently got the guild update on Live Server about...a week ago I think. (been playing Tokyo Xanadu at that time so yeah). I went ahead and explained the guild changes in this update so here is a highlight of the video.


    P.S. The guild token that I had no idea at the time is for the Exchange Shop where you trade those tokens for items. The Shop itself is permanent. The contents in the shop however are more than likely subject to change.

    Edit: Here is a more not so lazy explanation with screenshots. Please bare in mind these translations are being ironed out.


    In the image above you have the Guild Home tab. Here you can view the Guild Notice, Guild Missions, Guild News, depending on your role you can quick access even a list of invited members. Only the Guild Master can assign the Guild Channel in the setting from what I noticed.




    In the next 3 images you can see the list of guild skills. Before todays update they were REALLY expensive. But after todays Maintenance The cost was greatly reduced from close to 4.5k GP to the current price as seen in the pictures. As noted Only the Guild Mater and Management can purchase the skills. On the left side you can see a list of applied skills.


    In this image above you can see your list of guild members. Instead of being based on pages as the previous system used this uses the scroll system making guild member searching less of a hassle and less lagging on the client when accessing the database per page. You can change roles of multiple members (I think based on the check box system) in one go and apply in a simple button if you are a part of management or higher. Another thing is you can simply click a guild member's name and it will display their equipment even if they are offline.

  • Were horrible people (open beta players)

    Im no beta player however i did start around titan release so i do remember a lot of the good old times