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As you all have probably noticed I have been leaving 101 Guide on new bosses not yet released on the NA/EU servers. As a heads up I DO stream on Twitch. My channel is on my profile if you guys have any questions to ask in stream :)


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I play mainly on the KR server but I tend to come back here when I can. I stream KR as well for the community. One day I will be a Localizer for MMO's https://www.twitch.tv/tankblade9
  • New Character - Miul

    I have never seen so many people this hyped for a new character since Karok LUL even KR is hyped for her.
  • Best Thread of 2018

    Well I mean if they did it once they should be able to do it again and provide a full video. Though considering where the conversation is going all that's left to do is see what Nexon does and what they investigate. As far as I'm concerned it's an event that will be soon forgotten by most of the players. As for the NA vs KR thing I forgot that was a thing here lol. Though I region vs region competitive raid event would be interesting lol.

    It's a thing, NA just wins every time. To combat trauma, the brain will sometimes block out "violent or traumatic" events that may have taken place in your life. That may be why you don't recall this. NA's performance over KR is certainly "violent and trauma-inducing" to say the least, especially with these record breaking hell mode redeemers clears. We might as well start competing with a rock.

    I forgot because I play on KR 99% of the time. There's just more players there so finding a raid is far easier. Plus their client runs far better on my PC compared to NA. And yeah. Competing with a rock is far more productive. At least we can find physical ways to compete lol. Rock throwing. Hitting each other over the head. You name it.

    Let's just stick to unofficial and generally incorrect google translations; at least that's something you could get a gold medal in.

    TFW you play on a foreign server for years and can't even learn the basics of their language. :(

    Not exactly sure why you are throwing insults at my knowledge in the language but okay whatever entertains you? I've been there for 2 years and I can speak/write/type in Hangul. Not much understanding in sentences since learning the language is not easy if you don't actually live there. That being said hopefully that clears things up.

    So you've lived in an area with Korean as their primary language for YEARS and still can't speak, read, or write a word of it? LOL

    You inject yourself into NA's conversations so often it's hard to not deal with your poor translations and misinformation on a constant basis, it's laughable. Just stop.

    >Let's search for an item on the market place
    >Spends 5 minutes trying to use super cool Korean keyboard w0W!
    >Gives up and Google translates it and pastes it into market search box

    One of the many great things you can expect on my future content streams here on the elite KR server being streamed by the great me with my Korean god complex!

    Stop me if you think you've heard this one before.

    No I've never been to Korea. :) You assumed as such. Typing in Hangul is easy. It's a requirement for KR server because we have Hangul captcha that if you fail 3 times then you have to go through a verification to unlock core features like mail, equipment/inventory interaction, marketplace interaction, etc. The captcha lasts roughly 10 seconds so yeah. Plus some of the players DO know english and are nice. That being said. If you aren't gonna be respectful then consider yourself ignored :)
  • Guild Housing update

    This update will givem e a reason to buy a maid outfit for my Delia as she keeps the Guild House Dust free +drunk
  • New Raid/Level 100 and more.

    Definitely glad this system is coming. It's still going to be a massive grind with the horrible rates above +12 and the mat costs, but at least there's something for players to work towards. Will be interesting to see how it shakes out with such a low population. Going to be painful with only a fraction of the old players farming against such bad RNG, but better than it was.

    From my current experience (im still working on this but I will relay more info on my results) if you have 27k or higher damage then I recommend focusing on the new stat first. That stat is required for the new raids. If you look here http://www.inven.co.kr/board/heroes/2471/41022 then you will see the chart on the right (this chart is after a patch was applied) The numbers going down on the left with no percentage is the stat. The Percentages is your potential damage output.

    인퀴지터 클레르 = Inquisitor Claire
    폭주한 엘쿨루스 = Berserk Elchulus
    마하 = Macha

    If you want to cover all 3 raids then it's recommended to have a minimum of 100 of the new stat. Otherwise you won't deal decent damage to Macha if you have less than even 90 of the new stat. Claire's minimum for the stat is 75 and Elchulus is 80.So save your godly/paradise mats and your gold. You're Going To Need Them.

    I forgot to add this but keep in mind that chart is from experimentation and N O T official. The Official Minimum for each raid thanks to yesterday's update towards Quick Battle.

    Inquisitor Claire: 75
    Berserk Elchulus: 80
    Macha: 100
  • New Raid/Level 100 and more.

    What kind of enhancing event do they have? I noticed Junyoop was still able to enhance his weapon regardless of his unbind count reaching 0. When he failed the enhance with the green rune; the weapon still stayed at +14.

    The enhancement event was more geared towards saying goodbye to the destruction runes. What it did was removed the enhancement penalty that the rune gave if it failed. Bind count penalty still stayed. A LOT of players took advantage of that event.