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Hi Good Morning dear Family of Vindictus Enjoy the true spirit of Christmas, you will not find it in gifts and vanities, it is in our actions by giving more than receiving and worrying about others working with charity and selfless love for the common good, I wish you congratulations and hope that the miracle of Christmas transforms you into better people. PS: The greatest Christmas gift, we already have is the life and our invaluable loved ones, try to make the best for your community, country or state its time for suprise others and give carity to the peeople that need support, think in what aspects we can improve our lifes for try to improve this world that are based sadly in mercantilism, my best wish to all is that no put your happiness in money are illusions of this world, focus in enjoy the time with company of friends and family no only in this holidays, is the way to enjoy the moment, & the life happy holidays to all until next year greetings. Also iam retired for this forum, If anyone are interested or like to be in contact i continue to support in our discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/j9b26G6 or visit us for see art , videos and events in Youtube for the ch : Vindictus Fan Events Ty for 9 long years for this game and i hope to the community continue in unity way, and no surrender for share ideas for improve the game to KR server iam happy for see in the game part of our ideas for the clone system, as mainly for try to made unique events for this game for enjoy the time with our dear community of Vindictus, ty for all the friendship is the best reward that i get in this game, one hug to all greetings.


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June 4, 1992
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Protector of the community of the guilds: GoddessDivas , HAWKS & PussiCats. Designer and digital illustrator. Friendly and participatory whenever someone need help. Impartial, fair and reliable. Loyal to the community of Vindictus. Experience in the game: Player of vindictus (6years +) GM of guilds (5 years +). Experience in design: Historian and analyst of the art & design (7 years +) Illustrator (6 years+) Designer of clothes ( 6 years+).