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Hi Good Morning dear Family of Vindictus Enjoy the true spirit of Christmas, you will not find it in gifts and vanities, it is in our actions by giving more than receiving and worrying about others working with charity and selfless love for the common good, I wish you congratulations and hope that the miracle of Christmas transforms you into better people. PS: The greatest Christmas gift, we already have is the life and our invaluable loved ones, try to make the best for your community, country or state its time for suprise others and give carity to the peeople that need support, think in what aspects we can improve our lifes for try to improve this world that are based sadly in mercantilism, my best wish to all is that no put your happiness in money are illusions of this world, focus in enjoy the time with company of friends and family no only in this holidays, is the way to enjoy the moment, & the life happy holidays to all until next year greetings. Also iam retired for this forum, If anyone are interested or like to be in contact i continue to support in our discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/j9b26G6 or visit us for see art , videos and events in Youtube for the ch : Vindictus Fan Events Ty for 9 long years for this game and i hope to the community continue in unity way, and no surrender for share ideas for improve the game to KR server iam happy for see in the game part of our ideas for the clone system, as mainly for try to made unique events for this game for enjoy the time with our dear community of Vindictus, ty for all the friendship is the best reward that i get in this game, one hug to all greetings.


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Protector of the community of the guilds: GoddessDivas , HAWKS & PussiCats. Designer and digital illustrator. Friendly and participatory whenever someone need help. Impartial, fair and reliable. Loyal to the community of Vindictus. Experience in the game: Player of vindictus (6years +) GM of guilds (5 years +). Experience in design: Historian and analyst of the art & design (7 years +) Illustrator (6 years+) Designer of clothes ( 6 years+).
  • Proposals for activities and reforms

    #Update: Regarding point # 4 of this post: Thematic maps as RAR and increase of participants by raid.

    I just wanted to say thanks, for listening to our ideas, <3 I hope with this variation of thematic by scenarios or bosses, the daily raids in RAR are more fun and that attract the base of players, to play in teams and thus have more variants to play.


    Mainly, as it has been discussed by several players in the forum, its fine if that everyone has the same opportunities to get drops, regardless of the statistics, only just for playing all without exception independent of the damage, everyone should have the same opportunity to acquire something and that luck decides, not the stat.

    Since this shows the value in time and effort for each player, so credibility and interest in the game is given to encourage perseverance to acquire something and gradually improve, so I hope that the percentage of 1% damage is keep and do not limit yourself in future updates to more damage, it is fair to see for all and not minorities, more that I dislike seeing that elitism is encouraged between players even in RAR i see that the players do not revive players to win more DPS, and they try to get the 1% of damage , so this is a issue of damage only , only with time as the old season s for example S2 that only the luck decide for get drops are fine , same for teh number of players for every raid , i hope in this part Ryse update try to give more slots for support more players to host partys , i can only say only with time the staff can improve or no the game with the base of our proposals for the future changes, and again thanks for considering some ideas i hope to see more changes.

    Greetings to the staff and thanks for reading this post I am still waiting for more surprises in the part for changes in the game, as are for the benefit of the community and for rescue the the essence of the game. Do not hesitate to comment on any ideas , all players are value for make the ideas more to see that the team finally is really trying hard to improve our beloved Vindictus. Greetings and good day to all thanks for the attention. =)
  • 3D Art Gallery o(≧∇≦o)

    Great job dear sculp, <3 personally for your current works i like:

    06/27/2019 / Evie & 06/21/2019 / Delia


    PS: Success in your future projects then with time , I share my analysis, to you on discord , it only remains to say that every day that passes you are making great proyects, mainly in the composition you was get alot of new skills for the stages , more reason for admire my friend, because i see that you continue to improve your technique , continue to advantage of the use of the spaces and have more visual impact for the correct use of the elements in relation to focus in the theme for your art and give more presenece to your art- character or boss. For the game my best wishes for you as an artist and person see you soon, a big hug to you.
  • Proposals for activities and reforms

    #Update : #Remove the current update that only players who deal 7% damage receive drops.


    Before it was okay to do 1% damage,
    to receive drops, now that the update increase the damage rate for get drops, so that only players who have high stats are limited to the game, therefore they are killing low stat players as well secondary characters, and only high stat players take the drop which leads to the game even great decline and elitism, I hope this change more than in itself is difficult to acquire a drop and more now limit the drop to lower more damage .. How can that be possible? more than the game does not allow the progression of the segure way and mainly that we need a better system for garanted to no destroy our the items as the reforge that only protect items for improve the weapons , we need this system for scrolls enchants & protect the items for restore using ap , are necesary .

    For this current update focus on : no limit more the drops talks about a game that is only focused on money, that together with gold sellers are killing the economy of the game and with this update of damage to 7% in drops only benefit to one sector of players.

    I hope the game value all players,not only the players with high stats thanks for the attention.

    PS: Also thanks staff for put some activitys for rare items as the current raid for : Glas Ghaibhleann we need more of this quests & events for restore the ancient Seasons & mainly play on team for the players have more options for enjoy the game, also is good to know that the staff return yesterday in Twitch to stream the game as the old times, for this ty for listen some ideas , i hope to see great changes for the game in the future, cya.
  • Proposals for activities and reforms

    Hello good day community <3 today I share my detailed and critical analysis as well as some proposals for activities and reforms that I believe would make our beloved Vindictus a better game for the whole community, these ideas I write here with the aim of sharing and that is point of consideration and debate for the developer to take into consideration our ideas.
    The order in which I mention the proposals does not have more or less or hierarchical value than anyone listed in my analysis, since any of these I think would make the game more attractive and immersed to take advantage of the qualities and potential that the game can offer us. Only let this clear, to i can beginning with my selection analysis.


    1.- Races and Sex

    A theme that has been very mediatic and at the same time requested for years is well known that much of the games, mmorpg have the characteristic of giving us the opportunity to select a character, have the duality of sex, for take advantage of the combat style , history, skills as well as character characteristics that make it unique to others and that attracts the target audience, allowing them to play in a more versatile way, while taking advantage of the character, through personalization or identity with the gender of preference to select whether male or female, it would be good if in the future we will have in vindictus that for each character class there is this duality.

    2.- Vanity items / equipables from outfit to armor and clothing of a Set.

    It can be analyzed that for years the system of progression in relation to the visual appearance or statistics of the character determined by a set and accessories, even vanity established by cosmetics, outfits or dyes, have gone production after production under the concept of: doing on demand, this by the value in relation to special occasions of the game mainly launch of new characters, seasons or sales of products aimed at the stylization or vanity of the characters. This is the point where the development almost always tends to advance towards a single character of preference to the demand of the current season for being a launch and against by the characters who have been around for years or have some antique, for that reason the values of the articles tend to fall and others to increase their value, product of the marketing and of what is in trend.
    Here I consider a necessary reform to rescue the value of old articles and the impulse to the new ones, without affecting the economy so that it emerges, without harming the progression of the player, so that not only the economy of the game would be rescued, players could enjoy all the articles that are property of the account and not only of a character, this would only be possible to establish all the articles as tradeables but only transferable under the same non-profit account in relation to the market of the game, from articles of Nexon, in vanity, enchantment and outfit, as the equipbles of character of set armor, clothes and accessories, independently of whether they are of a character of the same race or not, all without exception should be possible to be transferable , except for the weapons that pose the identity character, as well as some accessories that are characteristic of a character style and that without them they could not fight in combat,
    as the use of hair styles only for characters based on the genre and that for other types of characters by the class would be impossible to use them.
    By making the items mentioned as transferable under the same account we would be, promoting two important and necessary aspects to take advantage of the game to the maximum, as are the progression of the character and the economy. So players would not spend more than necessary in their accounts to have a quality team that allows them to venture to the most current that offers us the content as, the possibility of enjoying the statistics or part of progression that already have our others characters, as well as the visual appearance, which would make the items have a stable price in the market, allow the player to equip themselves more effectively and enjoy all the aesthetic qualities as equipment.

    There would also be more sales for new items offered by the company because by allowing the progression in players the economy would flow more. It is worth mentioning that regardless of the success in enchantment, destruction of articles or search to improve the characters will benefit everyone, because it is not the same to try to improve a set and fail several times to have a functional team that benefits all our characters without see us in the need to lose statistics and as a complement to the visual aspect would make all the characters are more used to be able to equip and customize based on the items that we have in our inventory, would not affect the purchase of runes but would drive them to ensure that if we fail or succeed in the enchantment we have a unique set that could be used by all our characters, so we do not limit the potential of each character and we would not see the need to abandon a character to stay with another, we could enjoy what offers us the game both visually and functionally.


    3.- Events destined for pvp

    The company may from time to time consider in a timely manner but without waiting for a long period between the start or the end of the event in this genre, so it would be very useful to make them a minimum once a month by: duels of 1 vs 1 or of guild vs guild, as well as invited groups without the need of guild vs other similar, but balanced to avoid that they favor damage to any player and that it is only the ability and strategy to play as a team that determines the winners. The activity would be promoted and scenarios that only some players dare to try would be rescued, this would be proposing these tournaments under the system of: FFA, Arena & Siege in tournaments to win rare rewards, even to choose in the future to alternate the design of the scenarios and increase the number of players in combat as groups of 5 vs 5 with 6 or 8 players per team, would make a more strategic battle and would give more immersion in sieges, in the case of sieges would give more realism the use of siege engines, such as the battering ram, siege tower, ballista etc, and what would make it even more interesting is that for each team, regardless of the number of players, the use of warriors on each side is allowed, for we rescue characters from Season 1 to the current season, putting as a mini boss a certain amount of monsters that benefit or hinder access to take the flag of the team with Therefore, there would be more fun, participation and challenge when making these pvp matches with awards for the part of the company.


    4.- Thematic maps as RAR and increase of participants by raid

    It would be good to expand the diversity of scenarios in which we can play with more players, this type of Royal RAR would be good about 12-16 players as well as more difficult challenges to work more in a team, it could be a special area set, from the season one until the current season, in which we can fight several enemies and bosses and what would give a more attractive aspect is if it were map type to simulate an open world scenario, so we could go through several scenarios, and acquire alternate stories of the game base, in addition to putting some rare item as a reward.
    This are fine to added with activities in the city in which we can interact with npc directly, this system with the npc could be used for holidays in the game to make them unique and desirable by the community as the qualities to participate in the activities that I mention below, so that all without exception can enjoy the activities and events.

    It would be good that every day a npc would appear somewhere in the game and give us a special mission and when we completed it we would see in town a scene in real time that would give a lot of immersion to the game, besides restoring the number of participants by a minimum of 6 players so that more players take advantage of normal raids or quest and more people benefit from the host and good coexistence in this point i think rise update need fix the number for participants for every raid.


    5.- Events of coexistence, or destined to classify to some prize

    First is very important to value the work that all guys made here & current now on the official discord for Vindictus from:
    support , artist, designers , Volunters , administrators & members for the community of course the staff ox Nexon, and for this case for the guys that are creators of content , for my experience for make events & and what I see now some times , we get love or hate, when any propose any event , in this part we need as community to change the mind and value the works of others, more that all that support in this area they no get : benefits, or pays for their work even sometimes devalued for others , when we should greatly value the work done by the community of heart, but independet of this the objetive is make good activitys or events for enjoy the game , more for i consider that one player can see more the aspects that the players need or like for motivate in the game , for this thanks to the current guys than continue in the support for make events & other guys in the future that like to support our dear Community in this area .
    I wish to all creators of content that continue and no surrender independet of the result , some times we get mistakes other no and alll are fine is part necesary for get experience & improve our techniques here & in the real life mainly in the work.

    Dear Nexon i recomend to include all players before to create contest, events, rewards or activitys , only when are contest for art , is for a objetive public or any other similar proyect , but for others activitys the big part of the time need to focus on all players & mainly to dont necesary to pay alot of money for can participate on any reward, one example the current event for Razer Gold , we need to include all & all countrys that can play the game no only USA & Canada, where are my dear community from México, and our community for hispanic? , we need to change in this way in the future for include all.

    PS: Finally the game need union & we need to respect all the ideas of the part of the players & the work that the staff of the company offer to us, for help the community for continue to gether in good place for good coexistence.
    If in the future the company or any guy prepare art competitions count on me as a jury for any content evaluation, and criticize as professional work independent if i continue or no in the future in the game. Only for the community, i try to prepare another surprise that i work these months, to share another surprise more directly from my portfolio of digital art, I hope that my analysis of proposals for the game has been useful, greetings &mainly enjoy the game family with friends or the couple , cya & ty for the attention.

    (If you want to add a other proposal just comment here , the community needs your opinion & the company need to listen the players).

  • [GoddessDivas & HAWKS Ch 133 & PussiCats Ch112 ]

    Hello good night community, <3

    Today the #Hashtag is : #Thanos avenger me

    Participate with us guys in this ch for our server : #meme-factory good place to coexistence , break the ice and interact with all.
    When I have time I will do more memes.

    Finally i return with special memes for our discord:

    j7hoyBF.png VbF7Ak7.png

    PS: This memes are with love & fun dedicated to our community of #BDO & #Vindictus in our discord greetings and welcome the new players enjoy the time & play with our family for server VIN .

    ⚔ Discord :

    Vin group : https://discord.gg/j9b26G6 )