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  • Advise press uninstall and forget this money pit
  • my recomendation let it rot...this game does not worth trying anymore
  • This game is full of nice memories to me, But we both know what memories can bring They bring diamonds and rust....
  • Yes i do sth wrong...what is called life..... I dont have time to play too much 0-2 hrs a day. Maybe a bit more at weekend but many times feels not do it. I have only 1 character my poor staffie who is not able to get drops in Astera.
  • To move on from my point is necesary to have at leaset 1-1,5 bilion gold It means to grind at least for a year (100m/month avarge income). That does not worht the effort anymore from my side.
  • Lets see options. Weaker parties...happy to find any parties in this game. I dont have time or money for +13-14 set/weapon. One item maybe all no chance. As I told you there are better and much worse staff players then me. TBH i want fun not str…
  • Sure there are better but also worse players then me with staff. I used to be king in S1 hardly ever was I not firrst in raids until +15 hacks withthe rune. Now for dps really needs to be top on your game and top on your gears.
  • Cloakshire wrote: » cheappariya wrote: » With 0 deaths enough CF and 35k att (2300 add dmg) I coould not get enough dmg in Agares to have drops. I played aggressive lots of fire lots of lightning do used AP skills and still get only 6,2% that wa…
  • With 0 deaths enough CF and 35k att (2300 add dmg) I coould not get enough dmg in Agares to have drops. I played aggressive lots of fire lots of lightning do used AP skills and still get only 6,2% that was the point when i quit. It really depends on…
  • As a fellow staffie I feel your pain. With staff its a struggle to make dps unless you are a real beast.
  • Well aid, completly agreed.
  • Actualy i gave away all my valuable items to my guild and left the game for dead. It was fun until it last. Maybe when i have too much time to kill come back for an other short run, but now i really dont want to waste anything here. The current sta…
  • As i told you before. When you reach this point of the game you have to decide. Do you have enough money/time to invest into this game to have the necessary gears to advance ? Are you willing to put it in? If the answer is yes, you can reach a g…
  • People missunderstand one thing. with the new requirement to get 7% dmg in the world where a game is usualy played by only elitists is a huge demand. I know everyone is a guild and has 7million freinds to play with, but in a real world most of t…
  • Summarize Endgame so far S1: not needed special gear. LVL 60 set what was famable most of it and a +10-11 weapon got you to acceptable level. LVL70 weapons and gears weere not really necessary (debepend on character ofc) As an Evie Wonderland set…
  • The achieve the necessary add dmg you must spend real money or grind endesly. There is a limit how many seals you can get in a day, so migth be needed to buy runes for real money as well, depends on your luck. Loot boxes will be banned soon in t…
  • I would like to add one more option. Running farm bots for themself. But the most realistic way is otion 2 or 3. To do a full set of VVIP raids with 5 characters is like a whole day of playing, and nothing guarantees any good drops of worth tha…
  • with +15 dully set/weapon you are good enough to do any raid now. All matters that you must have a +15. Speed + add dmg is all you need.
  • Why is everything so expensive: 1 drop rates terrible. 2 lack of players. 3 limited amount of runs for the latest content stuff. Astera gears hard to create no support bosses and dungeons only drops from raids. Raids are faked up and actualy …
  • the game is p2p they cant do too much about it