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  • So...How about some blatant honesty?

    Summarize Endgame so far

    S1: not needed special gear. LVL 60 set what was famable most of it and a +10-11 weapon got you to acceptable level. LVL70 weapons and gears weere not really necessary (debepend on character ofc) As an Evie Wonderland set/ +12 Raiders staff was more then enough for me to be 1-3 in any raid, including Elchelus.
    S2: needed to get a beter armor, weapon was still fine even lvl 60 if you had high enough. +13 Raiders staff and Wonderland set served me until Cromm. I even could run him with acceptable dmg output, being a mid card player.
    S3 everything changed. Before rise. +12 weapon and lvl 90 armor was good enough....After rise. Shitstrom hit.
  • Game feels dead :(

    I was with the flow and did not rush things. And slowly got some stuff to be able to play again. Actualy I wanted to quit when they launched the incredible stupid counterforce mechanic.

    My stats are not great not terrible. Around 35k att and 15k deffense. (+11 astera staff and +8 - +13 dulla/astera gear). But still wehen i had only 5,8 percent in Agares and got onlyone shite item i decided to quit the game. I feel like too much investment needed to get to acceptable level.
    3000+ add dmg as a minimum requirement (full +12 gear and a +12 weapon). I have only 2500 so my dmg output is abismal. To upgrade my gear is more or less possible. I can reforge and free +13 my cap what helps a bit, but i need a new Astera top...i broke it at +9. I could also +11 it with my free rune. This run would cost around 100m gold what is not much. But would not take me too much further.

    The big help is to get a +13 or higher weapon. What requires huge luck what i dont have or lots of gold like ... hell a lot. Lets count minimum 10-12 weapon essense and additional mats to go from +11 to 13. Level 150 will be out untill i can farm this.

    All in all this game was fun until it lasted, but now its not fun for me anymore.