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October 25, 2000


  • idegzed wrote: » This one is the problem. Thanks for answering guys For that mission you need a Gauntlet Ticket for Hoarfrost Hollow, you can obtain that by running missions in that area on Hard difficulty.
  • It sounds like you are using harpoons, to fish with harpoons you need to aim at the fish that appear. Here is a
  • Suhpreme wrote: » you can mix and match and still get the set bonus. the only time you will not get the set bonus is if you have a [Special Edition]/[Limited Edition] outfitter, since the stats/set bonus on those are different than normal outfi…
  • DownIoad wrote: » misakamisaka wrote: » Free coupon today xD What are today's daily missions? At work ATM. Freebie, chitchat with an NPC, request a song from an NPC. So 2 free coupons.
  • Hello, Sorry for the late response. After clicking download, a pop up should appear asking where you want to download the game. When this appears just change the download location to the current location of the game, once that happens, the launch…
  • I removed the images because it can be seen as sensitive information. However, the fact that you are getting that screen shows you are using an unapproved log in method, which is one of the problems. The only way to log in is through the Nexon…
  • The best thing to do is to make a ticket with all the information about your deactivated account that you can. However I may be able to inquire about this case if you post a in game name and server of a character on the account.
  • Please make sure it is not in your NX inventory.
  • Those items are from events. You can only open the chest with the key that came from the event, and there are 2-3 different event keys with the same name. It seems like you have keys from a different event than the chests you have.
  • Can you post the screenshot, also did you make it with expertise or through Brynn?
  • No you cannot move outfitters.
  • HawkiiSan wrote: » So, I have 2 accounts, different email. I played only on EU server before migration. I had a lof of characters lvl 65+ evie, 70+ fiona etc. but i have 2-2 characters on East and West server lvl 1, 5 wtf? How come! Somebody mix…
  • HawkiiSan wrote: » Same Problem. I've lost every characters on my account. Im so disappointed. If they can't fix this I won't start it again. GameOver. If you migrated your account prior to the merge then you should: 1. Make sure you are l…
  • @Swell_Gate Your thread was merged with this thread because there is no point in having multiple threads on the same topic. Sadly the whitelisting of account was something Europe was able to do, Global (located in NA) is trying to see if its poss…
  • That set was only available for a limited time in this service, I am not sure when we will have it return again.
  • Could you file a ticket with either of the accounts you posted on with information about your issue, your mains email and all the information you can give about the account.
  • I am a forum moderator so there is not much I can do about account issues especially since it is the weekend. But let me see if I understand this, you were able to get your account back? Right now there is a known issue with private domains re…
  • So I merged the threads since the issue is similar. So for both of you having these issues. Just want to verify that you've checked your spam box. If it is not there please tell me what browser and email service you are using.
  • I cannot go into any details about players bans. But the ban is not due to them filing a ticket.
  • The OP of this thread should be unbanned already. Question2 if you believe your friend is also flagged due to this please make sure they file a ticket if they haven't already. (You can also have them post their char name here or in PM so I may i…