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Unable to open mystery treasure chest

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in Bug Reporting
I have two "mystery treasure chest" keys and two "mystery treasure chest" boxes. I should be able to open both of them however I receive an error when attempting to do so. I have the item description for each item and the error message received. Not sure what to do about it. The keys and boxes appear to be broken. Looking for some kind of assistance other then simply throwing them away since I don't get drops like these often.



  • DealerDealer
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    Those items are from events.
    You can only open the chest with the key that came from the event, and there are 2-3 different event keys with the same name.
    It seems like you have keys from a different event than the chests you have.
  • metokometoko
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    ah man, i guess there is no way to know. looks like these are going to the refuse bin unless i want to try my sorry luck on waiting for whatever event to come around again. ah well, that's how it is.