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What you like/dislike at rise Vindictus?

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What you want back from old Vindictus?share your thoughts and complaints here :3


  • hornywatermelonhornywatermelon
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    edited April 4, 2019
    That it is being managed by Nexon, and not some proper publisher.
  • DzeikorDzeikor
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    edited April 4, 2019
    That it is being managed by Nexon, and not some proper publisher.

    Best answer ever <3 .Anyway I heard some news nexon might be selling https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nexon-sale/nexon-founder-to-sell-controlling-stake-in-gaming-companys-holding-firm-korea-economic-daily-idUSKCN1OX010 There is hope for this game.
  • sadrazamsadrazam
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    combo bonus
    oath of honours
    difficulty options
    8 man raids
    old malina
  • IntoHellIntoHell
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    +15 max enhancement cuz i was cool :(
  • TheDazzlingTheDazzling
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    IntoHell wrote: »
    +15 max enhancement cuz i was cool :(

    " I " instead of " i " LOL .... someone White purple Evie didn't do his homework
  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    edited April 4, 2019
    The over emphasis on add damage over actual skill
    the ridiculous jump in power of +16 and above
    the even more unfair enhance rates
    one shotting early s1 zones (general dumbing down of content)
    The qol was nice tho
  • SixthSixth
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    I want these back:
    Old s1 and s2 raids with all of their respective titles.
    Cool game modes like labyrinth and gauntlet.
    Difficulty options, or at least a proper hero mode for all s1 and s2 battles.
    Combo bonus.
    And lastly but most importantly, non-RNG glides for Lann.
  • MenrvaMenrva
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    Screw counterforce and the BS new requirements.
  • DzeikorDzeikor
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    Oof I hope whoever will buy out Nexon will fix the game for us <3 I dislike the +20 enhancement too,like it wasn't hard enough to get a +15 already..this feature been out for years and still no one has a +20,just more unnecesary grinding and unfairness betwen players.Fak Nexon.
  • jeddyhijeddyhi
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    Bring back the tokens for playing. I miss running out of tokens .
  • EMPRealRapEMPRealRap
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    Dzeikor wrote: »
    What you want back from old Vindictus?
    An animation for drinking pots

  • DzeikorDzeikor
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    edited April 5, 2019
    EMPRealRap wrote: »
    Dzeikor wrote: »
    What you want back from old Vindictus?
    An animation for drinking pots

    I miss that too tbh,so many things nexon changed thinking making stuff easier is the way,oh boy how wrong they we're,made game worse
    I think they just sh**ted on the old vindictus community with the rise update and hoped to bring new people in,which failed miserably.
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    8 man raids and having people actually work together to get a break off done.
  • noctrednoctred
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    Only things I miss are 8 man boats and the irrelevance of ADD.

    Pretty much everything else is strictly better now imo.
  • SolarSnowSolarSnow
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    8-man raids that feel like a Raid (with different roles or interesting mechanics), not mindless DPS race
    Titan/Glas/Elchulus with ballista roles, Lionotus (best one imo), Kraken, Irukul, Thor with chainhook breakoff

    AOE-ring attack from every new bosses is cheap and lazy....
  • ElynsaElynsa
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    edited April 5, 2019
    I liked the introduction of standardized crafting mats, additional armor set slots, and that we can now join any battle from any town.

    I don't like the new reliance on additional damage, removal of s1 and s2 raid mechanics, removal of certain gear from crafting lists, removal of ore veins and luminaries from s2 and early s3 story battles, changes to break off loot, the 5 cap on normal Battle Quests, and the conversion to 4-man raids.

    If we're including changes that came after the Rise Update then I do not like the change to end game gear where only orange mats exist, we more or less went back to pre-90 gear sets with this change. I do however like that Guild Points are now automatically collected upon task completion, shared crafting expertise, and dura pot and soap changes.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    XE's combo.
  • XieXie
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    1. I mainly just want 8 man raids back. But it's a bit understandable with the population size.
    2. Bringing back jump would be cool ...
    3. (Optional) Make Sword Lann great again! xd
  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    edited April 6, 2019
    - Combo bonus (game rewarded you for playing well, why the f was this removed seriously)
    - Jump (useless for DPS but was fun)
    - XE Move (most people say that this was broken, but for me it was another way to rewarding your dodging skills)
    - Difficulty settings and more experience based on ranking (was cool to aim for an SSS while leveling chars)

    As a Lann I feel like I only play Vindictus on redemeers, because in all the other raids I have to tank in order to be 1º dps. I never tanked pre Rise nor need the feel to since combo counter was better, and also there was no damage to boss cores.
  • BlueRappyBlueRappy
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    - Enchant scroll fragments so we can make 100% scrolls
    - Enhancement and enchant rune fragments
    - Failstack feature for enhancing

    - Lowered enhance rates at +13 and above
    - Additional damage is too broken
    - No animation for potions leading to face tanking
    - Extra cores leading to people don't ress party members or do mechanics (dulla bomb etc...)
    - No more 8 man raids
    - No more "true" hero modes where bosses have faster animations
    - Oath of honor
    - Pre season 3 content can be largely facerolled

    Not related to rise but also I miss the XE Combo system and XE move like others have mentioned.