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Trivial things that shouldn't bother you but does


  • AnthonytonyboyAnthonytonyboy
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    People that have terrible fashion sense.
    Thank you image

    I find overload bugs annoyings and they keep them, when I find enjoy bugs, they fix them :(

  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    When the erg/powder flying all the way out of Shakarr's arena or into Pantheum's tunnel and you have no way to pick it up, and they doesn't come to you too.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Some low lvl items (Kobold Dagger) being as rare as Stable 45 or Keen 30-31.
    http://vindictus.gamepedia.com/Eniloch_Fur_Jacket le sigh
  • CriminyCriminy
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    Probably the dye amp in the AP shop. When I first noticed it I thought finally nexon realized they were ripping off their players and added it to the shop so you could try 1 time a day to get a color you actually want. So I bought one, got the color I don't want, and thought no biggie... just try tomorrow! Log on next day and the dye is red with a (7 days) tag on it. I have to wait a week to get another color I don't want? :[

    It's just cosmetic and doesn't impede gameplay, still bothers me just on principal of how scummy the system is. Pretty sure it's rigged too since that's what I would do to strong arm my players to buy more dyes. 1 in 6 chance? Haha! Sure thing bud /wink wink nudge nudge.
  • ScreechScreech
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    edited November 9, 2016
    -People trashtalking/spamming on the megaphone.
    -The blinding smoke screen the "wisp suicide" creates. Have fun with those at gold medal hunt in Ein Lacher. ¬.¬ (can't disable with those sliders IIRC)


    -The creepy smile before the face retexture.

    -His voice

    -Screenshake with his /jump

  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    edited November 9, 2016
    The Hungry Ghost Box resetting every 24 hours after use instead of everyday at server reset like other items. It's a pain in the butt because if you can't get on after each reset or simply forget to because it may require an additional log in you can easily end up missing an entire day on a limited time use item.

    Not being able to move bound items through shared storage. Mats you bought off the MP, items from pouches, etc should be able to be moved through your account. Sucks having items you need stuck on the wrong character.
  • TracieTracie
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    1) No Shop @Malina boat launch
    2) Random Party Invites (especially when u just logged in)
    3) Random ppl asking for free gold
    4) No Malina Soap buff (make campfire give buff @Malina perhaps?)
    5) Getting random friend requests, u accept, but they neva talk to you (yeah ik use the options menu and turn it off)
    6) revive and no TY
    7) revive ppl and they walk past you when u die +mad
    8) Liars/cheaters/braggers
    9) You sell a scroll, cod it, person logs off. #3hrsWasted

    ^^ no particular order - tho there are a lot more.............
  • AndromedaGMAndromedaGM
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    photo tumblr_o1hvdyxLLH1tlyjpto1_500_zps1xfetith.gif

    #When you have all your inventory full and by accident confuse the trash with a good drop haha :) # Good times.
  • TheGreatCreidneTheGreatCreidne
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    When I want to save screen shots on the battle end screen, and I simply forget and hit close instead.

  • KatlynnKatlynn
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    When the cost for repairing your gear is a lot higher than the reward from the mission ....
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    -When items you purchase off the MP binds to you. What if you accidentally buy one too many?
    -When Enchant Scrolls bind to you; it wasn't always like that until an update made the change. Some players like to purchase extra scrolls in case the one they have fails. If they have leftover scrolls, they could relist it on MP or send it to another character on the account, but no.
    -When there are no new events/sales/content updates for a long period of time.
    -When someone copies your exact look (same armor, same dye color, even making their character's appearance look exactly like yours.)
    -Players with terrible fashion sense.
    -Players with dyed gear that is all over the place/inconsistent.
    -When someone has better stats than you.
  • EbonwingsEbonwings
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    Enchant Runes can be shared in your storage.

    But PREMIUM Enchant Runes? Heresy!
  • SumanituSumanitu
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    edited November 12, 2016
    ~When you run kraken and someone doesn't listen to the host and assume they can go to head.
    ~When new players don't looki at raid guide and mess up whole run for other players.
    ~When you mega to sell or buy something and someone invites for an assist or asks for gold.
    ~When Bow kai think they are best and don't cancel.
    ~When your inventory full and you have to go colhen to sell your stuff and use the mailbox in the inn.
  • TheGreatCreidneTheGreatCreidne
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    When I do the no armor oath and return to town naked for all to see -_-

  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    The special sets in the black friday pouch are not tradeable but the Keaghan and Iset sets are.

    Why Nexon?
  • RhyunaRhyuna
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    The special sets in the black friday pouch are not tradeable but the Keaghan and Iset sets are.

    Why Nexon?
    I'll add this to my list as well. I got a set for a male character that I could have given to a guildmate, but no...

    And I have no male characters rolled.
  • SoyuSoyu
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    edited November 28, 2016
    ppl who sh1t on the game and the players but still stick around the forums lmao!!
  • llWoodsllllWoodsll
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    (idk if some of these things are actually possible, im still pretty noob ;p )
    not being able to view outfitters in different dyes.
    not knowing what colors an avatar outfit is like r150,b201,g30 etc.
    when people say u need 20k+ attk to join this raid. (chill, stop taking the game so seriously. this aint runescape)
    when people are too "cool" to answer nooby questions / act like theyre all high and mighty.

  • NytsuyaNytsuya
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    When I host a speed raid train and no one accepts the the prompt to leave with host immediately after the boss dies. _-_
  • HustlingHustling
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    The reading and comprehension of some people.
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