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EU Regions rip

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edited February 18, 2017 in General Discussion
Hello, i have question after migration from eu my country was blocked but i have account since 2012 and i have acces to play,. but on this server i cant saying region locked... Then mean rip my chars? But funny that i have 2 accounts and with other account after migration work fine... Good job nexon...


  • SamalenkoSamalenko
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    edited February 18, 2017
    Did you transfer you account to global launcher?
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  • DealerDealer
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    Interesting, would you mind posting on the 2nd account?

    Also what country are you from?
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    U mean write here with my second account ? Im from lithuania.
  • MylewMylew
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    you fell for it, he just wants to block your 2nd account too
  • RachnaelRachnael
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    is it forbidden to have more than one account now? o.O
  • LoreataLoreata
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    Rachnael wrote: »
    is it forbidden to have more than one account now? o.O

    No, he is from a country that is IP-blocked. For some reason on EU the block did not always work, and now, after migration it started to work so many players who played on EU before cannot play anymore.... at least that's what I think happened.
  • AschennùteAschennùte
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    it is not "For some reason on EU the block did not always work", the block worked but it didn't come from day one.
    all accounts made before that block were allowed to play, and they continued to play all time long (included my guild leader and admin of HeroesDB), which was perfectly fair and reasonable.
    after the migration the staff now in charge decided not giving a ... and activated the ban for eveyone from those countries, erasing the annoyance from the source.
    funny thing is, it seems it doesn't work, since the OP said that he can still play from one of his accounts, so odd, hah.

    well, they want just to close the service giving the way they handle the issues.
  • skai147skai147
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    They promised we will be able to play after migration and now what? Killing player base even more than ever. oh boi
    I'll wait a few weeks maybe a month more and if nothing changes then yeah, pretty much goodbye vindictus.
  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    Trump should start to unban everything/one related to Russia :^)