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  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    SrWurm wrote: »

    People who dont stop complaining about changes that are going to keep the game alive a bit more dont deserve more

    Removing content that increases replayability and spending power of users doesn't keep a game alive. It kills it.
  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    UsagiiiKun wrote: »
    Are you literally complaining that hero mode is too hard/too high lvl for you to go in with no armour?

    Read the post.

    I'm saying all I did was play hero mode with modifiers and thats what was fun. Now the game doesn't let me do that with old content.
    KenshinX wrote: »
    Come on now, I can't imagine anyone only playing hero mode dailies for 7 years.

    That's pretty much what I did.
    I'd do the quests to get the new maps and play the AP dailies and dungeons in hero mode and complete every challenge for the AP until the maps were drained completely of AP.
  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    SrWurm wrote: »

    Yeah real helpful comment. That's real nice.
  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    I've played vindi for years as a log in, smash and grab game, where I'd log in, load up dailies with a challenge(Oath) and hero mode, and either go without armor running around in my lingerie, or doing whatever in a pair of bunny ears. I'd buy outfits and stuff to wear what i wanted to wear when hackin and slashing.
    But now, both hero mode and the Oaths gone. poof, gone.
    I didnt ever really follow the story, cause I didn't care. I justed wanted a bloody brawler dungeon crawler with some fun combat.
    Oaths+Hero mode was perfect.
    Now it's all gone.
    Practically everything I played this game for was removed from the game.
    Why the hell would they do this? Why would they remove content from the game?
    who was hero mode and Oaths hurting?

    The game used to have tons of completionist content, now it's all gone.
    What the hell man? I've been playing this game for almost 7 years, and been doing the same things for almost as long with hundreds of dollars dropped into the game, and now everything I played the game for is gone.
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  • So who wants a RollBack?

    I can't believe they spent thousands of dollars to remove content and downgrade the replayabiluty of their game and upgrade stuff that no one was going to spend more than 10 minutes around now that there's no replayability.

    How stupid can nexon get? I don't understand.