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  • New Voice for Characters

    Yeah I can't even play the game now. This absolutely distrubs me. My character sounds completely different, I've listend to her for 10 years now, and I just... I cant.
    I cant **** do it.
    I want her voice back. What the actual **** is this Nexon?
    I'm not spending another dime until you give me my character back.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    I absolutely hate the new fiona voice. I can't play this game anymore.
    This is absolutely inappropriate.
  • You f*$&% re-voiced my character?

    You just up and removed the damn voice my character has had for years.
    What in the hell makes you think this is ok?
    What in the hell entitles you to think it's alright to take the image of my character and trash it for your own ridiculous purposes?
    Are you kidding me?

    First you add this body shape system that forced skin oil and screwed with my character's appearance. I had to contact support because your new system screwed up my character.
    And now my character's voice is gone, and apparently there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

    Are kidding me?
    I could give **** all about the new voice lines, when you ruin parts of the character I have been playing since god damned open beta.
    And if your'e going to change something about our character, like a Voice over, YOU BETTER DAMN WELL give us the **** option to keep the old one.

    The new combat voice sucks, it's unfitting and overly cute, and I hate it.
    I want the old voice back.
    You guys removing crap is why I stopped buying stuff for this game in the first place.
    Are you kidding me?

    You make these pointless and meaningless changes, but you still cant manage to get around to ones we actually like and want, like oh the simple thing of turning off that stupid victory music that people have been asking to be able to turn off since CLOSED BETA?
    No instead you have to add a system that screws up my character, and then you take her voice away from her.
    Screw you Nexon and DevCat.

    At least give me a **** choice between the new and old voice. Blade and Soul let me chose between at least 6 different vocal patterns.
    Now how about you let me do the same.
    This is grossly inappropriate.

    And I will not be buying anythign in this game anymore until you fix my character.
    I did not consent to this. I did not say it was ok for you to change my personal 9+ year old character.
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  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    Maybe find a new goal, I've been playing for about 6 years but I didn't make hero mode and oaths a goal to keep coming back to the game, my goal deals with new characters or leveling up characters and having fun with what the updates come out with. I used to play because of the storyline, but since I haven't been interested in season 3 storyline, I no longer pay attention to the storyline and can't really explain what's going on in the storyline now.
    Yes, hero mode was fun but it's not up to Nexon NA, if you really want to ask questions about why Nexon removed hero mode and oaths, go make a form on the Korean forums, I'm sure you could use google translate to help out with translating the language so that you can read it and see what answers you get.

    As for the response to the GM, you were caught being rude to someone else just because you could, that doesn't make it right either way, sure the guy shouldn't have been rude in the first place but they are just words, why give them meaning if you can't tell if the person is “trolling” or just giving their opinion? If you don't give words a meaning, they mean less and a person doesn't get as mad over it, or just take what someone says with a grain of salt and move on.

    I still think you should find a new goal to go after, either way though, good luck in whatever you decide. ^.^

    No thanks.
    I already had something fun to do, and something i liked doing. It wasn't about goals. It was about fun and liking something.
    And Make a new goal? Like what? Oh I know, I'll go play another game instead, and not spend my money here anymore.
    If your game isnt fun anymore, I dont play it and i dont give you money.
    This game isnt entitled to anything I have.
    I'll just go play something else, like Quake, or WildStar, or Dota2 or any other hundreds of games that consistently keep being interesting.
    That's the nature of the market.
    In a sea of choices, if you remove people's interests, they leave. They don't spend anymore money on your game, and you lose those players.

    Also "caught being rude" Excuse me but don't interject. It's not your place, and people were instigating. Stay out of it.
  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    Bowner wrote: »
    Aquasol wrote: »
    Removing content that increases replayability and spending power of users doesn't keep a game alive. It kills it.

    While I understand there's a lot of tension and frustration, please do not take it out on other members. And while the team appreciates feedback, try to keep it constructive, rather than attacking and leaving insults.

    i do agree a little on what he saying, putting a limit on amount of runs you can do on dungeons (not bosses) is a bad idea. i dont know how long you played this for but i been around since the start and they used to have limits on boat runs, i think it was 3 a day then you had to buy tickets to keep running, well that lasted like a month and they completely removed it.
    also trying to farm things which requires spear killing is impossible now. took me 6 spears to kill 1 vampire. i have to kill 500 vampires, you see where i am going with this, also removing farming items like leather sheathes and replacing it with mission items is also a rubbish idea, all that is doing is removing farming which is what this game is all about.

    Oh my god the limited boat runs beyond Perilous ruins was so dumb. I remember when they did the free boat weekends, and it was so successful that the patch let the boats become unlimited.

    Man that brings back some memories.
    My hair and eyes were brown back then.
    They didnt have body adjustment sliders. Every Fio looked almost the same except for hair colors. There werent any costumes, only armor fusions.
    Oldschool MMO life.