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  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    "Who should they listen too?"
    I dunno, maybe the 90%+ of the player base who doesn't like this change.

    This isnt a small thing where like 10% of the player base doesnt like it.
    It's pretty close that a grand standing majority of the player base thus far is not ok with this, and it's forced some people who want to keep on playing to play with their entire game muted.
    Perhapse they should listen to the 90% of people who DO NOT like this change.
    Seems like a good idea to listen to a huge majority.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    WhiteYukii wrote: »
    There are a metric ton of examples where a company makes a horrifically stupid change to a game, and the combined community outrage created a more favorable result, a result that was achieved by people speaking up about the problem, and ignoring decent from naysayers. People sharing their dissatisfaction with the new voices is very useful information for Nexon, it's actual criticism of the service. It could very well lead to the option to choose our voice packs or some other revision that improves OUR version of the game. This is s change that would be very much welcome by both veterans and newcomers for years to come. It's people like you who sabotage the growth of this game.

    Case and Point, world of warcraft.
    Look at how hard that game dropped off after Warlords of draenor.
    Look at how trash it is now.
    They just kept upsetting more and more and more people, and those people went to play other games.
    So people asked for classic, and just look, wow's back ontop because they revived a 14 year old peice of crap that some how is better than their brand new peice of crap.

    Our character's voices were fine, and then they ruined them for the sake of... well i dunno hiring a bunch of people to do voice overs and a featurette for each seems like an enourmous waste of money considering over 90% of the player base hates the change.
    Seems like Nexon could have saved a lot of money by just leaving our character's the hell alone.
  • You f*$&% re-voiced my character?

    I don't care how nice the voice actress is. Her voice over does no fit my character. I want the old voice back.
    Im not blaimg her, I'm blaming nexon.
  • You f*$&% re-voiced my character?

    Fiona's new voice is a mix of ugu kawaii animu girl trying too hard to be cute, and daisy ridley doing light saber battle sounds.
    It's **** awful.
    I couldnt put up with it for more than 2 dungeons before I just said "I cant do this" and logged out, wrote this post, and uninstalled the game.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    ikevi wrote: »

    What does gatcha's and black Fridays sales have anything to do with people not liking the new combat voices? Heck I haven't heard any say they are stopping playing, let alone stopping paying Nexon money..)
    I did. previoisly in this tread.
    I will not be spending another fuckign dime or playing another minute of this game until I have my old Fiona voice back.
    I have other games I dont need vindictus. I have Astellia, Archage, Halo, Temtem, Dota2, League, Apex, and numerous Steam games.
    I also have my motorcycle. I dont have to play this game nor spend another dime in it. And if that means the end of Vindi for me? Then so be it.
    I will not settle for my character being ruined.