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  • You f*$&% re-voiced my character?

    Fiona's new voice is a mix of ugu kawaii animu girl trying too hard to be cute, and daisy ridley doing light saber battle sounds.
    It's **** awful.
    I couldnt put up with it for more than 2 dungeons before I just said "I cant do this" and logged out, wrote this post, and uninstalled the game.
  • You f*$&% re-voiced my character?

    You just up and removed the damn voice my character has had for years.
    What in the hell makes you think this is ok?
    What in the hell entitles you to think it's alright to take the image of my character and trash it for your own ridiculous purposes?
    Are you kidding me?

    First you add this body shape system that forced skin oil and screwed with my character's appearance. I had to contact support because your new system screwed up my character.
    And now my character's voice is gone, and apparently there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

    Are kidding me?
    I could give **** all about the new voice lines, when you ruin parts of the character I have been playing since god damned open beta.
    And if your'e going to change something about our character, like a Voice over, YOU BETTER DAMN WELL give us the **** option to keep the old one.

    The new combat voice sucks, it's unfitting and overly cute, and I hate it.
    I want the old voice back.
    You guys removing crap is why I stopped buying stuff for this game in the first place.
    Are you kidding me?

    You make these pointless and meaningless changes, but you still cant manage to get around to ones we actually like and want, like oh the simple thing of turning off that stupid victory music that people have been asking to be able to turn off since CLOSED BETA?
    No instead you have to add a system that screws up my character, and then you take her voice away from her.
    Screw you Nexon and DevCat.

    At least give me a **** choice between the new and old voice. Blade and Soul let me chose between at least 6 different vocal patterns.
    Now how about you let me do the same.
    This is grossly inappropriate.

    And I will not be buying anythign in this game anymore until you fix my character.
    I did not consent to this. I did not say it was ok for you to change my personal 9+ year old character.
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  • The update killed what I played vindictus for.

    Aquasol wrote: »
    Removing content that increases replayability and spending power of users doesn't keep a game alive. It kills it.

    While I understand there's a lot of tension and frustration, please do not take it out on other members. And while the team appreciates feedback, try to keep it constructive, rather than attacking and leaving insults.

    There was no reasont o remove my entire posts explaining these concepts. You could have very well just made some edits.
    And I'm not "taking it out" on other memembers. They posted rude and crude comments, and they get exactly what they deserve in return. If you treat people like crap, expect them to throw the heat you give them back.

    Don't target me when you know very well they instigated with trolling/toxic behavior.
    If you're going to enforce moderator intentions, then treat people equally in that sense. Do not punish just the people who strike back at the people who started the fight in the first place.
    I will explain this to you myself as a Moderator who manages a community, has been a official mod for a GPotato game, the best thing you can do as a moderator is to NOT irritate the people who are lashed out at by people who instigate. Your community fairs far better by dealing Instigators first, and not the people lashing.
    Instigators are FAR WORSE of a problem than people who retaliate.
    Many moderators never learn the fact that once you remove all the retalitors you end up with nothing but instigators and an incredibly toxic and hostile forum user base that eventually prevents discussion from ever taking place.

    And to talk towards your post yourself, You don't see it from my point of view, so ofc you dont' see how. Because you don't want to see how it's fun and interesting.
    Think about it for a minute.

    If someone has been playing the stuff for 7 years, obviously there's something interesting about it. It's about replayability, access, Quick match ups and goofing around. Replayability is actually something that games are rated on, their value is weighted by it. So don't act like it's mysterious and pointless.

    If it kept someone like myself around for 7 years, and spending money, then it obviously wasn't just worthless.
    It obviously meant something, and there was no legitimate reason to remove it. It just degrades the quality of the game.

    As I explained in my previously(and unwarrantedly) removed posted, Completionist content and Replayability are critical part of developing a player base that stays longer, and has something to do.
    You may not have liked doing that, but some people did, and you are not the only person that spends money in the game.
    What I was paying to get in the game that I was playing was hosted at no serious cost to the game, was already developed and increased the player base, but now that entire completionist and casual interest playerbase that often occupied such content now has nothing to do.
    There maybe a few hundred players who now have lost their content.
    MMORPGs are about casting a wider net, and appealing to a wider player base. And removing those players from your playerbase removes income, removes cash from your bottom line and could very well eliminate whales from your income.
    I was planning on spending about 120$ on some outfits, but now that all of the content that I used to run is completely removed from the game, I have no reason to buy.
    What exacly did Oaths and hero/veteran modes do to keep new players from getting into the game?
    Absolutely nothing. The setups automatically selected the basic modes for players and most of them just shot up the leveling process with tons of quests and exp and no one else cared.
    But what did the Oahths and vet/hero modes do? It brought old players back to old content, and gave them something extra to do. filling out those point bars, and diffuculities and special quests on all modes.
    Some people love doing that kind of stuff. Such as myself.
    Some people like to have some fun handicaps that reward them for old content that they'd otherwise never see.

    It kept me coming back to this game for 7 years and spending money and planning on spending even more. Obviously there's something interesting about it, that while you might not understand, some people do.
    Just like how some people like vindictus, but don't like WoW or TERA.
    It's content preference.
    And now people such as myself who loved vindi for it's fun completionist casual challenge content, have nothing to play anymore because the game that offered it just removed it.
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