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  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    >Kurz posts another round of word vomit full of assumptions shilling and responses not based on what people are saying.
    Why do you even partisipate if you're just going to stamp around a pigeon shitting on the chess board?
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    You're fulla crap Kurz. "Mostly to our imagination" "I like Piss off. How dare you, you pretentious self important prick.
    How god dammned DARE you **** talk to me like I dont know anything about lore.
    I am **** lore writer and creator you snot. That's my current work. I CREATE Characters based on stories.
    I am literally right now in the middle of writing the first of 2 novels in which are the origin stories of the lore universe that I am the lead creator of.
    Half the damn characters I play in ANY GAME are due to their lore.
    What a blazingly stupid and ignorant thing to say to someone. Especially someone who is extremely interested in lore.

    They dont deserve jack **** and you don't know what the skin oil thing is because you never **** cared about it like it I did.
    There were no body options when the game started, they added all of it LATER. Maybe you don't remember this beacuse you didnt play OBT, or CBT like I did.
    Maybe you don't have a character that's left over from the first wave of OBT like my character is from.
    Maybe you didnt notice it, but I sure as hell did.
    And guess what? Nexon acknowledged it too, because when I asked for a alteration voucher to fix it, they were immediately understanding and a GM logged in and gave me a free vouncher because they knew my character was altered without my consent.

    Blindly defending nexon over this crap is ridiculous. Over 90% of the community is obviously pissed off about this.
    You're a shill, and a pretentious self important jerk.
    How incredibly disrespectful you are.
    Seriously, **** you.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    For the people saying "you should be happy they actually did something for a change."
    **** you.
    No seriously, **** you.

    The don't get to destroy my character's persona and me have to be happy about it. Piss, the hell, off.
    This isnt a freaking moba, where the character is some premade freaking hero garbage. This isnt Overwatch. I didnt make Tracer, but I did make my Fiona.
    We got a character creator, that I got to make my character look how I WANTED her to look. I got to chose what MY chracter did.

    And you have the BALLS to say "you should be happy they updated things" Piss. off.
    I was alread mad I got forced to wear skin oil, I was already upset they changed the traditional Gnoll models to overly buff ugly meatheads when there was absolutely no reason too, and now they screw with my personal character YET AGAIN, who has been in the game for longer than most of you have even been AWARE of this game, and you have the Balls to say "you should be happy they updated things"

    Bite me.

    Change it back, Nexon.
    Give me my characters voice back.
  • New Voice for Characters

    Yeah I can't even play the game now. This absolutely distrubs me. My character sounds completely different, I've listend to her for 10 years now, and I just... I cant.
    I cant **** do it.
    I want her voice back. What the actual **** is this Nexon?
    I'm not spending another dime until you give me my character back.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    I absolutely hate the new fiona voice. I can't play this game anymore.
    This is absolutely inappropriate.