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November 4, 1987
  • Issue With Opening up Dice Game...

    The guy was looking for an answer simple as that, sheesh. He has a point and most OTHER games that make these mistakes tend to give you comp. because it was an error on there behalf. YES it did state this on the game board AND the site, yes the patch notes stated that it was going to be pulled from the game during the last maintenance. BUT because the dice were still active for usage someone thinking or questioning this is not too far off. I have seen people question much more stupid things when it comes to this game. I for one often READ the event information AND the launcher info because something always falls through the cracks.

    It seems you can't see the point I'm trying to originally make which is games make these mistakes. So they were go in and correct them or comp it. I mean how many people honestly made the mistakes over the flawless stones that whoever works there now, actually had to GO in and rename the stones so the confusion stopped.
  • New raid Review

    There always one who isnt happy with anything lol
  • Post your ES drops here

    Enthu, Fast, Beserker, Sig, Maelstrom, Fleet, Tricky, Diamond, Decisive, Leo, Warlord, Sential, Sparkling, Passion, Bloodlust, Well-Balance, Healthy, Strong, Force, Enhanced, Enduring, Amard ((Something like that I got it a few times and sold it, I didn't care for the stats)), Resistant, Resliant ((names are a little off for me for some reason lol)) Grinding... There is a longer list I can't think of but from what I've seen all s2 ex raids drop these, though I noticed a higher rate for passions to drop from the kracken but I solo everything so it could just be because I soloed it. NONE of which were a break off, "break offs" Give you a chance to get something a friend of mine took of krackens eyes out and we got random things not always ES related. Bark drops things but I don't run him enough or care to. Also Hero mode or normal its all the same drop the biggest difference is the box we get now, other then that the ES seem to drop wherever they drop. I've gotten all these in all the ex raids so really listing it doesn't help so much. I know for the longest during the first few weeks of RISE I for arma out of Ingkells. In the end it all depends on the drop rate and what random luck you have on the drop. Also from the sounds of it S3 is just as random you get what you get at whatever time it decides to drop. But I know for sure its just raids that drop the ESs. So good luck on your drops best I can say is run what you can and hope your drops are worth something.