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You're wrong.
  • Thus, the age of p2w arrived

    Tbh, if you're willing to shell out for extra stats more power to you.

    This game is almost entirely PVE, so these kinds of buffs don't really bother me as much as it would in a heavily PVP game. If anything, it just makes your raids and farming faster, which benefits everyone in the party.

  • Suggesting a re-sale!

    EnigmaTaro wrote: »
    i prefer new design over resales of items w/ outdated texture.

    I'd agree if the textures of these new outfits were any good lol.

    Quality of outfits has declined enormously for anything outside of gachas
  • would you ever whale?

    HeartCard wrote: »
    Everytime I see someone post wall-o'-text like this here I have an irresistible urge to tell them to start writing a book. The superfluity is simply appalling.
    At least I can say that I literally DID write a book and am working on a second one. Jesus christ, that wall was...

    Was your book about Rick and Morty?

    Arishante wrote: »
    Not everything is entertainment, you don't have to insert jokes at every turn to be readable. I think some people found his post interesting enough to read it and like it. Just because you use bigger words and try to be funny doesn't give you the right to put others down like that. Is anybody impressed by this?

    This is an internet forum though, writing a giant block of rant really doesn't contribute.

    Also, the mark of a good writer is the ability to say more will less, if you can't break down the gist of that much writing, your point will likely get lost to anyone who bothers to read it.

  • Suggesting a re-sale!

    Resell the Iset inner !
  • Delia Should Get This

    Rezi wrote: »
    Except that she uses it like a one handed sword, instead of a 1.5-2 handed sword like katanas are supposed to be used. It's also not curved enough to be a katana.

    She 2hands it during ruin blade :P, but tbh, just because she uses it one hand doesn't stop it from being based on a katana.

    A bunch of her Spellsowrds are shaped like katanas (Apex, Equilibrium, the toy, the wooden one), so it's pretty clear that Arisha's weapon was made to resemble a katana.