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September 22, 1991
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  • Should RNG be Removed from enhancement?

    Realistically speaking, the rng isn't really what scares people. In fact, getting a 33% or 40% to work actually feels nice.
    The repercussions of failing is what makes people feel really bad. If THAT should be changed to something else, it would be nice.

    I remember a long time ago, for vindictus 5th anniversary, we've gotten a temporary +15 armageddon weapon that would last for 24 hours. We should get more of those experimental-type of weapons, like maybe once every 3 months or so. That would be enjoyable for most people (briefly) so they can experience what a +15 feels like and after that, back to normal.
    Taking RNG out of the game makes it easier and less pay-to-win which isn't good for business.
  • [Poll]Most Charming Part of this Game?

    0 votes on story + nexon staff.. Lul
  • What do you guys even do in game nowadays?

    That's a good question, I do a few daily battles and then log off, can't stay for too long and don't even feel like it.
    It's not that the game was fun back then, but it was the moments we had while playing with others and learning about the game. End-game actually isn't that easy to achieve, you gotta be maxed out on literally everything, from weapon to accessories, but once you've done it all, there's just nothing left to do but to help others get better or show off what you've gotten out of this game.

    What I'm saying is like this: Suppose you go to the gym to workout and you've done so consistently for about 4 years, you are muscular from top to bottom. Is there a point in going to the gym anymore? What's there left to do in the gym now that you're buff?
    Is the reason why you workout to become stronger? or do you just enjoy cardio? If you enjoy the cardio, then keep going man. If your goal was wanting to become stronger (after 4 years) you've achieved it, you can look back and say I've done a good job. What's left? Either try to push yourself even further or just guide others to where you are right now so you can earn their respect (maybe).