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  • A bunch of suggestions

    I wonder if all the stuff here is even forwarded to KR tbh, but whatever.

    • Defusion Rune
    • As the name implies, it defuse two items previously fused. Gotta change your set and you want to keep some or all of your fashion? Want to sell your old, trashy Phoenix Wings while still keeping your already scrolled and enhanced armor? There, this Rune is for you.
    • Avatar Rune
    • Transforms a normal armor piece in an avatar one. Two variants, a regular one and a premium one, for premium avatar stats (though I guess it's more correct calling them outfitter now, thanks merge). Of course, the price should be high enough so that people won't stop buying regular avatars, let's say 10k NX for a normal and 15k for a premium?
    • Delia - Vigor Buff
    • Back on the EU server we used to have a pretty cool feature called combo bonus which would reward players who could not get hit by enhancing smashes up to 150% damage. On PRE, this feature doesn't exist, so people can just facetank bosses without a care in the world. HOWEVER. Delia has her Vigor buff, which pretty much works the same as the old combo system (well, 2 hits at level 3 rather than just one to lose everything, but details), except for the damage bonus, which is a meager 20% at level 3 (which, by the way, was counted together with the combo bonus) and is applied on only two of her smashes. While the red aura on her sword is cool and everything, the numbers need to be upped to at least 50% bonus damage at level 3, to be applied to all her smashes.
    • Delia - Keen Buff
    • ...I actually have no idea of what it's supposed to do. I think it increases the yellow damage, but I'm not sure by how much. Anyway, after a clarification of its description it also need a few changes. First of all, rather than having a duration one should lose the effect after being hit once. Second, it should grant an additional effect, the removal of hit drag.
    • Delia - Zenith
    • This is just bad. If I were to rank every character SP Buff, this wouldn't be the worst only because Berserker Spirit exists. First of all, it has over 8 minutes of cooldown, which means in you normal battle it will be used only once, twice at worst. Secondly the buffs it gives, Vigor Lv. 3, Keen, 25 atk speed, stamina regen and 2.5k def, all for 1:30 min. Sounds good on paper, right? Except that the first two buffs can be obtained by normally playing; the atk speed buff is on par with Insane Reaper (only if you have less than 50 speed) or absolutely subpar when compared with Slashing High (20% of 200 + one's speed), not to mention both of them easily spammable (I'd talk about Karok's buffs as well, but I don't have the slightest idea of how he works); your equip breaks after using it and the buffs are removed if you repair while the skill is still active. To make it actually worthwhile, it needs some fuel to be added: cooldown reduced to 4 minutes, rather than 25 flat speed a 15% boost, reduced SP consuption, super armor for all of its lenght.
    • Delia - Supernova
    • Yeah, still not done with Delia. Being a followup, the cooldown should be drastically decreased to no more than 3 minutes. It should also work on 2 separate cooldowns, one for the Clash followup and one for the regular skill.
    • Evie - Lightning Bolt
    • Having it work like Kai's Ricochet Shot would help with room clearing.
    • Evie - Counterattack after Mana Amber
    • Let's be honest, who wouldn't want a Reflex-like Mana Amber? The more damage it absorbs, the more damage it'd reflect.
    • No more once-per-account events
    • This is actually more a rant than a suggestion. While it'd be understandable for rare items such as runes, it's not when we talk about fashion item or titles (not to mention it'd be unfair towards people who have all their characters in the same account while others have them in more than one).
    • More account shared content
    • Mostly referred to Einrach/Ein Lacher/Einyaddayadda. It should also be applied to all the grinding titles, not just a few ones and, partially, to Neamhain. I'm saying partially only to not make her completely useless. Maybe halving the number of times needed to reach 100% every 2 characters?

    Welp, that should be it. There's some more stuff I'd like to talk about, but let's stop here for the moment.
    cool. and nice