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  • Your Thoughts on Additional Damage Changes?

    WhiteYukii wrote: »
    Honestly, Who cares?

    This is a pure PvE co-op game. People bringing more damage into your raid group can only ever be mutually beneficial, and eventually you will get more damage as you get geared as well. "Wow someone who is FAR more feared than me just out dpsed the hell out of me and carried the raid, how unfair!!!" Yeah that is SUPPOSED to happen??? Its not like you need the extra damage to begin with because they made the game so much more easier to steamroll. Stop pretending this is some awful change, it literally won't negatively effect you in the slightest. Also, getting the gear to begin with does take a degree of skill as well.

    Besides...almost no one gonna have a weapon past +15 anyways.

    People care about damage because of the nature of the game. In a pure PvE game, the same content is constant and stale. However, players are not constant, which is why you see see people compete in damage, because it is a dynamic part of the game. Not to mention, the main focus of the game has been around skill for many years, but these changes to additional damage simply widen the stat gap between +10s and +15s, and place a larger emphasis on gear rather than own merit. Before it was about 10-11% damage difference in additional damage, and now being 100%+.

    So, your main point being: Additional damage changes do not matter because everyone benefits from the boss dying faster.

    Which I respond with: Additional damage changes ruin the dynamic and skill oriented portion of the game that retains its players even when the boss pve is stale. With a higher emphasis on stats and rng to reach the end-game gear, the game is simply throwing away its identity as a skill focused game and becoming one that simply emphasizes stats.

    Therefore, I agree with your point that everyone benefits from other party members having better stats. However, I do not agree that point is enough to justify the changes, and that my point on additional damage ruining the dynamic portion of the game is why people do not like these changes.
  • Mailbox Functionality / RISE

    You can directly send gold to characters within the same ID for a very small constant fee. So sending 100m gold directly to an alt is the same as sending 1m. Confirmed this with KR player.
  • Strongest class (DPS) Top 3??

    After Rise the top dps is your wallet.
  • To all the always complaining people

    Rizzle wrote: »
    To all those complaining about the +15 and higher - quit whining. I have a +10 and consistently outperform others with +13 and +14. I don't see many +15's anymore. Or, at least not outside of bank standing, like in actual raids.

    That's not gonna happen anymore when a 15 does twice your damage in terms of additional damage after rise. Pre-rise the difference was 10-11% at most, which can be compensated with skill awakenings, making a +10 with 10% awakenings = +15 with none refilled, assuming both atk/crit cap. Not only is +20 is a problem but additional damage change is a huge problem as well.
  • Which character needs a revamp the most?

    I'll have to agree that Bow Kai is in a pretty sub-par position atm. Giving him some iframes/dmg boost would bring him up to speed with other characters.