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May 23, 1995
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Earn what you want in life.
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I've been an active Spear Lann since this game launched back in 2010. Outside of Vindictus my passion is for Technology.
  • Who's Happy?

    Hello again guys. I've been receiving multiple news updates/posts in my Google Now feed on my phone about Vindictus' huge summer update/revamp. I watched a long video (advertisement) showcasing the new update and it looks interesting. It seems like there are some slight graphical improvements and easy of use updates for the UI that I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate. I don't know Korean and didn't bother looking up more info, but it seemed like there are going to be a large variety of improvements. I LOLed at the past +15 Enhancement. XD I assume these updates will trickle in throughout late Fall / early Winter.

    Anyways, the news feeds caught my eye and I figured I'd check back here to see how things were going. I haven't logged in since I vowed to quit playing the game entirely. It breaks my heart when reminiscing on the past. I haven't been playing any games, nor do I really use my desktop at all anymore. I think this is in large part due to the fact I've never really been a hardcore gamer and rarely ever played online games. Somehow I managed to find Vindictus early in its infancy and fall in love with it. For longer than I can remember my habits usually consisted of occasionly playing Vindictus, mostly letting it idle in the background while surfing the web. Ironically I still leave my desktop on 24/7, allowing it to contribute to the Electric bill. XD I've always wondered if I've slowly been growing out of gaming as I've gotten older. I've known for a long time that my dedication to playing Vindictus revolved around the lifestyle I allowed it to become.

    Do I believe I'll be returning? Probably not. Do I miss the game and the community? Most definitely, even if it's been scarce for entirely too long. I have to say that I'm much happier now, not playing it than I was for the longest time playing it. I allowed the game to interfere with my personal life and cause bad habits. I believe the best thing was accepting the fact that this game has had an effect on my lifestyle during the entire duration of time that I played it. I've been more productive with work and my social commitments as a result. Now I have a hole burning in my pocket and am constantly looking at computer components to upgrade my already Overkill desktop. Quite Ironic that I'm interested in buying the top tier next generation GPUs when I currently have no desire to play new or current games. This stems from my underlying obsession with technology and progression. Maybe I'll just buy a laptop instead? But, I digress...

    I'm sad to admit that Vindictus was my first MMO and will be my last MMO. I guess I have an addictive personality. XD

    Some words of advice... If you find yourself playing any game and you no longer find enjoyment in it, take a break. If you find yourself continuously taking breaks out of boredom, only to come back, try to determine the underlining cause of it. Maybe it's time to finally move on?

    P.S. today is my birthday and I'm 22 years old. I started playing Vindictus when I was 15. I was honored to receive a birthday badge upon logging into the forums. Wow, time sure does fly by...
  • Should outfitters break in battle?

    I would like to see a toggle to enable this option. Sometimes it's hard tell if you need to repair your armor while wearing outfits. You can repair and cancel immediately to save an anvil if it's not need. I can't remember if holding Alt shoes the armor durability or not. It would be a welcome cosmetic option.
  • Who's Happy?

    The amount of posts that have been deleted in this thread as well as many others recently is appalling. It appears that Nexon staff & forum moderators are on a damage control crusade.
  • Who's Happy?

    RIP many Vindictus characters & IGNs
  • So everything's back up...but can't start the game

    You guys remember the time when the launcher got introduced (forced) and the population halved?
    What's half of a half?

    I'm not sure the math would work out as its far from being linear. This game's population has been hemorrhaging players for long than I can remember. I've always tried to think optimistically about things, imagining that Nexon could undo the damage from the past by correcting their mistakes. Now I can say that I'm no longer hopeful.