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  • How do you make gold in this game now

    By giving up your life and spending ALL day raiding and hoping for the best and/or have multiple characters to do so. This has and will always be the biggest issue with the game. I honestly have NO clue how a new player or anyone who doesnt want to p2w makes any money in this game. They make it nearly impossible! with such low drop rates and also how crappy the economy is, you FINALLY get a rare drop only to see its worth less than 10-20M.

    This game could have been SOOOO much better in too many ways that i could write a book about but per your post, they should have even made this game a subscription type game and given us free gear or something!! I agree with they should give a much better gold reward when doing quests/battles. Its honestly laughable what they give.

    This game will and always have been a very HEAVY pay-2-win. Only way to make decent cash is by buying those gachapons(or as i say gotcha-pons) and hope for a rare outfit. But since everyone basically does that now even those 'rare' items drop in price rather quickly on the market. There are a lot of people who buy gold now, but i don't blame them. I spent nearly 2 GRAND in a few months and that only landed be decent lvl 100 gear and ONE +15 weap. I have so much regret for what ive spent on this game, it is not at all worth it. All the money ive spent over the years ive played this game could have bought me a cheap used car and what i got in game from all i spent was NOT WORTH IT!

    Just do yourself a favor and quit, unless you don't care about spending real money on a game (and alot at that) I quit and never plan to come back again. Which is a huge bummer because this game used to be really fun, then they went and ruined it...
  • Upcoming change regarding crafting

    goodbye alll 3*+ gear...
  • Fps Help/Suggestions?

    Ive got myself a ryzen 5 2600x cpu with rx 580 gpu and get 50-60 FPS on just above normal settings. I don't know what it takes to get a solid 60 smooth gameplay. :\
  • relic coupons missing?

    Just reset yesterday yes? It says ive done 9/10 rars and yet i only have 5 coupons (1s from AA) so 4? Wdf? I havent bought anything from the shop... But on my other character in same account the numbers match up so what the heck???

    and i have not done 9 runs
  • Accesory evolution.

    You know there's a crap ton of things nexon could do to make this game better but they won't.