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  • The Fatigue System

    Liloee wrote: »
    For the first time, I also think that this video game is just broken (for me).
    I'm new to this game and have only been playing for about 3 months.

    Idk what to do. I don't do bosses anymore because I don't know which ones to prioritize.
    Prices are rising, the channels are getting emptier.

    I spent over 200 euros and still have no outfit. Today again almost 100 euros.
    I made about 40M gold from 85 euros. I regret it so hard atm. Yeah, I have
    104 Coupons now... 104/400 I'm so haaa...ppppp...yyyy -.-

    People telling me to buy gold. But is this the right way?

    I don't Raid for today. My motivation is at a low point. So much money,
    so much time and...yeah idk


    sounds like me, i came back after years of quitting. Caved into spending 200 dollars, got complete **** from the crystals. Then i spent 60 more and finally got just one pair of wings and nothing else. Meanwhile seeing other people get 3 rares within a minute. The RNG in this game is outrageous.
  • How do so many people have high level weapons?

    Sef wrote: »
    Buying gold is not allowed lol don't do it not to say you'll get caught since nexon are too clueless to do anything about it unless you actually tell them

    As for how so many people have high enhance weapons, we were all lucky enough to play before they implemented this garbage anti-newbie fatigue point system.
    Reforging is basically failstack system. Each time you fail, you get a very small % success increase until you hit the cap for that enhance level at which point you are guaranteed to succeed.

    You need a rune, 2-3 sacrificial items (main essence and secondary pieces) and damascus steel to reforge which allows you to enhance again after you fail and revive the item with AP.

    It's VERY expensive and honestly going to be a lot harder to do for anyone that wasn't well established in the game before yesterday.
    If you wanna farm money your best bet now is probably gonna be to fire up those alts and farm for intermediate element stones.
    White tyrant's Challenge and Cadet Ceremony for catalysts
    Crom, Enzo, lakiora etc S2 battles. The single map boss fights at the end of each location like anwynn, ship graveyard etc etc.

    Yeah this fatigue system just ruined the whole idea of farming.. is there a limit to how many times an item can be reforged? Or does the cost to reforge go up(more mats?)
  • Token/Fatigue System.

    I'm very upset about this. I can't even grind my old characters to level 100, forceably have to take several days to level when i could have done it in a few hours. Basically you get to play for an hour or 2 then theres nothing you can do. Such BS this is the worst thing they could have done. Can't even get any fatigue potions, this dice game is limited to high level players who can do those high level raids and not to mention you have to sacrifice your fatigue points just to get the dice. That or make us pay 10 bucks to get 10 or even less more runs?? & make us buy those vips, still greedy AF i see nexon.

    I sure as heck hope this doesnt last long, they basically made this game unplayable
  • Hurk 2nd weapon's gameplay

    Doesn't fit hurk at all, a guy built for a giant sword goes to a small sword+gun? No. Should have given this to sylas instead. I was expecting an axe or 2 hammers, would have fit much more. No hype from me on this one.