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  • It was a good run Vindi

    I just wanted to leave a little sentiment before I leave the game.

    I started Vindictus five years ago (Six? It’s been awhile) and my first character was Evie. I remember when Evie would still swing her staff. I didn’t know she could cast magic at the time until it was pointed out to me. I wasn't a very serious player at the beginning so I stopped playing for awhile. Fast forward two years later, I remember watching Staff and Scythe evie solos and I thought that these players were amazing. These led me to take the game much more seriously and so I rewatched the videos until I could almost replicate it myself.

    Fast forward to early 2014, I saw Lynn’s release teaser and I thought that it was perfect for me. Finally when her release came (June 18th, 2014) I promised to myself that I would dedicate my time to main Lynn. I was mainly a solo player up to this point so I spent a lot of time perfecting raids at least until Season 2 content. Fortunately I was able to gain the bare minimum stats so I wouldn’t get kicked from Season 2 boats. Around the time Cromm was released I finally gained enough stats and began to solo Season 2 content. I felt proud that I was able to solo Season 2 as a Lynn (aside from Kraken and Bark).

    I went on a hiatus for awhile, shortly after Regina was released. When I came back, (around the Lugh’s release) through pure luck I was able fully enchant my armor, and create my +15 Skeleton Glaive. I found that soloing had become rather boring so it was around this time I showed up in parties more often.

    It was also around this time I was invited to my current guild, Ascendents, by this very great staff Evie, Aqua22. The guild was small at first so I thought it would be nice to join. A few weeks later Neamhain released. The first week was quite hectic since I had lost hours and hours of sleep just trying to clear the raid. But because of this raid I met many skilled players and now I considered some of those players as my friend. Ascendents began to grow much larger after Neamhain. Honestly because of Ascendents, I’ve much more fun ever than before.

    I’ve accomplished most of my goals: soloing almost every raid, achieving Golden God, etc. My only regret is not being able to solo Neamhain due to a lack of stats, but in my eyes it's been done c: . So to leave this, I just want to thank everyone for all the fun I’ve had in this game.


    It was a good run Vindi.....

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  • Lynn's secondary wish list

    Something that'll let me solo Neamhain within the time limit
  • A Guide to Glaive

    Those Passive Buffs You May Have Forgotten
    As I mentioned earlier, Lynn gains passive buffs when using, Little Rat and Killer Dart. These passive buffs are called Furious Tigers, Zhen Furious Tiger, and Wind Step. We'll start with the Tigers.

    Furious Tiger and Zhen Furious Tiger
    These two buffs are important when you want to build up Swift Assassin marks faster. When you use Killer Dart or Little Rat, you'll gain the Furious Tiger buff. This will allow your next attack to place one additional Blue or Gold mark. By linking Killer Dart and Little Rat or vice versa, you'll gain the Zhen Furious Tiger buff. This will allow your next attack to place two additional Gold or Blue marks on the boss.

    Notes on Furious Tiger
    - All skills that place a mark are affected by this. This also includes Long Armed Devil.

    Wind Step
    This is a life saver! This passive buff will allow Lynn to "teleport" behind the enemy. To trigger it, you just simply press your dodge key right after using Little Rat. When you use Wind Step, you'll also gain invincibility frames from the moment it's used to the end of the animation which is about 3 - 4 seconds. Very useful when avoiding Enzo's gigabomb.

    Note and Tips on Wind Step
    - If you attack right after Wind Step, it'll bring you to the second normal attack in the chain (LL).
    - Little Rat can be used right after Wind Step is used. So you can chain Wind Step as long as you time Little Rat correctly with the enemy's next attack. It's very useful for bosses that have continuous combos with delays in between, like Colru's 3-5 hit combo.
    - Sometimes a bit of lag will disturb the animation of Wind Step and you could get hit during the middle of it.

    These are the skills that Lynn players normally don't use.
    Dark Cloud
    This is Lynn's first smash attack (L-R). It'll lift normal monsters up in the air leaving them exposed to attacks. Not really used at all unless fighting smaller mobs. This can be ranked somewhere around last.

    Iron Monkey and Golden Arm
    This is Lynn's two chain smash attacks right after using Thunder Leg. You just press the smash attack button once to trigger Iron Monkey, which hits a 180 around Lynn's front, and then if you click the smash attack button right after Iron Monkey, it will trigger Golden Arm, in which Lynn will jump and do a vertical slash upwards. It's nice for clearing low level enemies, but not really used on bosses. These could also be ranked somewhere around last.

    Rising Dragon
    This is Lynn's lock-down skill. Lynn will do a spinning slash on a boss, which will stun the boss and will prompt the rest of the animation (if it hits). Although it's nice that Lynn gets a lock-down skill as well, I don't use it as much as I would've liked. Normally I use it with friends, or if I have enough SP to continue a lock-down chain. The first initial attack which stuns the boss, at least from my experience, has missed a good percentage of the time, even if I use it during a good opening. Whenever you want to use this skill, keep in mind that it has a tendency to miss.

    The rest of Lynn's skills are passives like Critical Hit, and Health Mastery, etc. So rank those up as you increase in level. Be sure to rank most of your active skills to Rank C in order to use the Gold marks effectively.

    (I'm continuing this here, because I thought it would make more sense after you've read the description of Lynn's other skills.)
    Killer Dart Tips Continued
    You're able to cancel any animations such as Paladin/Dark Knight transformation with Killer Dart. To do this, you initially have to cancel the Killer Dart charge (before the blue bar appears) with any type of feather, then dodging in any direction, while still holding your right click button. This allows you to cancel any animation with Killer Dart by letting go of your button. I've recently got in the habit of using this, and I can say it proves to be useful. After doing this a couple of times, you can usually do it in a quick motion.

    Here's some applications that I've used this in
    - Canceling Transformation animation.
    - Dodging attacks then going straight into Killer Dart to get Zhen Furious Tiger buff then using Flying Guillotine or Drunk Mantis to land swift assassin marks.
    - Right after using Little Rat to get both Furious Tiger and Zhen Furious Tiger buffs.
    - Canceling the climbing animation, such as in Misty Summit.
    - Canceling Flying Snow during Jade Fox if I happen to know it's going to miss (Has to be done before she lunges her glaive forward so you don't use up the SP).

    Here's a video of a Lynn on the Korean Server using it in combat as well as what Lynn's general combat looks like. You can first see the KD cancel used at the beginning of the fight, at 0:38, 0:44, 1:04 (You can see it's being held until 1:08),1:41, and so on.

    Regarding Artifacts for Lynn...
    It really is up to you for which artifact you would like to use. I feel that using the Mysterious Cat Statue is more useful because of the extra SP gain. I also think that Cat Statue is more useful in the means that you can extend the duration of Jade Fox when it's used during the activation of Jade Fox. I think the Werewolf Paw is useful to an extent. Once you reached higher attack speed levels, it starts to become a little useless. Succubus Fang works really nice when you detonate your Swift Assassin marks. In the end, it's up to you.

    I have two rotations that I personally use in battles:
    - I use this when the battle starts: Killer Dart -> Flying Guillotine (LLLL-RR) -> Little Rat -> Killer Dart -> Flying Guillotine -> Little Rat -> Killer Dart -> Drunk Mantis (LLL-RR) -> Little Rat.

    - After that (assuming Little Rat from last rotation hits): Killer Dart -> Flying Guillotine -> Little Rat -> Killer Dart -> Flying Guillotine -> Little Rat -> Fishtail Pole -> Little Rat -> Repeat

    If I have the SP I normally try to use Long Armed Devil as much as I can during my rotations. I hardly ever use Jade Fox anymore. Although this rotation what I'd preferably do, it will always change depending on the boss and your current attack speed. With lower attack speeds, you'll mostly be able to only fit Fishtail Pole.

    Attack Speed:
    Lynn starts out feeling pretty slow with her default attack speed. So an attack speed of around 40 is good for most of the raid bosses. You can definitely see the difference in the first video way above.

    Also please check out this AP spending guide from Order5 if you're completely new with Lynn. This goes into better detail on how to rank up your skills..

    Hopefully this has helped. I play on the East Server, so if you have any questions or would like to see live examples. My Lynn's name is Hoshinaki, so let me know if you have any questions. Also, for all you Lynn players out there, feel free to let me know if I could add anything I missed, or maybe some useful tips.
  • A Guide to Glaive

    (Didn't think it was going to be this long)
    Killer Dart
    Now this is Lynn's neutral smash attack (R). She'll build up energy (indicated by a blue bar) and once released, she'll dash at the enemy and give them a good stab. When the attack connects, you'll get a passive buff Furious Tiger or Zhen Furious Tiger (will be explained when I talk about the passive buffs). There are two methods to using Killer Dart. Method 1 is to hold the R attack button for a brief second, then releasing it. This will have Lynn dash a short distance and stabbing the enemy. Method 2 is to charge up the bar then releasing. The distance Lynn travels will depend on how far you charged the bar.

    Notes and Tips on Killer Dart:
    - When you attack right after using Killer Dart, Lynn will start at her third normal combo chain (LLL). This will allow you to use Flying Guillotine faster, hence, placing Swift Assassin marks faster.
    - Be sure that you aren't just clicking the R attack button. This will cause Lynn to lurch forward with a poke and it won't give the buff.
    - You can also save the charge of Killer Dart by using Thunder Leg to cancel the charging animation. After saving your previous charge, you can use Method 1 to release that
    (Go to Killer Dart Tips Continued way down below for KD Feather cancel)

    Active: Iron Flag
    This skill functions the same way Five Fingered Death works. It costs 100 SP to use. Lynn will jump in the air and smash the ground sending a wave of energy towards the enemy. Once the enemy is hit, it'll detonate the stacked Swift Assassin marks. It will also causes a boss with a full stack of 10 marks to flinch. Very useful in my opinion, since you can flinch bosses from a long distance, and it makes some nice screenshots.

    Notes and Tips:
    - Using Five Fingered Death or Iron Flag to detonate the Swift Assassin marks is situational I would say. For example, in 24-man Lakoria, when it does the ninja attack with its tail, it's nice to flinch him out of that attack. Damage wise, I don't think there is a major difference between the two methods, so whatever is your preferred way.
    - You don't need a stack of all blues or all gold to flinch the boss. It can be a mix of the two.
    - You might want to build up some more SP first before using Iron Flag.
    - Keep in mind that when you do flinch certain bosses, they'll immediately go into their next attack animation. This can be troublesome for either you or the party.

    Active: Divine Spear
    This skill is a goodie. It costs 150 SP to use. If you have any Blue marks on the boss, Divine Spear will turn those Blue marks to Gold marks per hit (if the attacks connect.). Lynn starts with three quick stabs, then if you press the smash button, she'll do a fourth attack, which is a dash and stab. You'll also gain a bit of invincibility frames during the dash, and go through enemies. When paired with Jade Fox, she'll gain an additional dash attack.

    Notes and Tips
    -The invincibility frames you get from the dash is able to go through unblockable attacks. So this can save you out of a lot of situations if you get stuck in a corner and have no other way to avoid getting hit.

    Active: Long-Armed Devil
    This is a three chain attack which uses more SP as you continue the chain. You need to have 250 SP in order to do the first attack, then it costs 125 SP for the next two attacks, which are activated by pressing the smash button. This in total, costs 500 SP. The attacks also stack a Gold mark per hit, so it's a nice way to build Gold marks.

    Tip for Long-Armed Devil
    - Use this when Jade Fox is on cooldown, whenever you have an excess of SP. This way, you can efficiently consume SP before the next Jade Fox.

    Active: Chamber of Death
    This skill allows you to become a spear Lann, just kidding. But if you're familiar with spear Lann's Moonsplitter attack, the animation is similar. It costs 250 SP to use, and does a decent amount of damage. However, I don't really use this skill often at all. I normally use it when the boss is at low HP and I don't have any Swift Assassin marks on them. So it's a nice skill to use when the boss is almost down.

    Notes and Tips
    - If you do however use Chamber of Death, keep in mind that it has a really short range. Bosses can easily take a step backwards or to the side and this attack will miss. So it's best to use when the boss is stationary.

    Active: Flying Snow
    Now this attack is a beauty, both visually and damage wise (When paired with Jade Fox). This skill costs 750 SP and also detonates Swift Assassin marks. It will also cause a boss with 10 stacked marks to flinch. However, when paired with Jade Fox it will flinch the boss, even if there aren't any Swift Assassin stacks. I wouldn't use this like a normal means of DPS outside of Jade Fox, but when paired with Jade Fox, it does huge amounts of damage, especially when detonating a Full Bloom.

    Active: Jade Fox
    I mentioned this skill earlier. Now this skill requires 1000 SP to use. It lowers the SP cost of the previously mentioned skills and allows you to use them without any cool downs, with an exception of Flying Snow. You also don't take damage when Jade Fox is activated, with exception to some unblockable attacks, however taking damage will consume SP. Flying Snow damage potential is higher the more SP you have. So if it would do most damage if you were to use Flying Snow right after Jade Fox.

    Notes and Tips for Jade Fox & Flying Snow
    - When using Jade Fox your SP gauge will gradually deplete as it stays activated.
    - The animation when activating Jade Fox also has invincibility frames, so if well timed you can avoid attacks, like Muir's charged ground smash.
    - I know when using Jade Fox some Lynn players build up 10 Gold marks with Long Armed Devi then use Flying Snow. Some build up 10 Gold marks before using Jade Fox, and go right into using Flying Snow. For me personally I feel it's situational. If I had just detonated my Swift Assassin, and Jade Fox had just come out of cool down, then I would use Long Armed Devil then finish it with Flying Snow after getting 10 stacks. If I have 10 stacks (assuming Full Bloom), then I would use Flying Snow right after Jade Fox.
    - Keep in mind that when you do use Flying Snow, it doesn't do one huge attack, it's actually separated into four attacks. So sometimes when you make a boss flinch, they might flinch out of the hit-box of Flying Snow.
    - When Jade Fox is activated, you can actually dodge through red attacks using Thunder Leg.
  • A Guide to Glaive

    Skip the long Table of Contents, I forgot annotations were removed :(
    0:33 - Enhanced Smashes . . . . . . . . 2:23 - Full Bloom
    2:41 - Furious Tiger Buffs . . . . . . . . 3:29 - Thunderleg
    4:03 - Little Rat . . . . . . . . 4:34 - Windstep
    5:45 - Thunder Rat . . . . . . . . 7:13 - SP Skills
    7:44 - Iron Flag . . . . . . . . 8:01 - Divine Spear
    8:55 - Long Armed Devil . . . . . . . . 9:22 - Flying Snow
    9:44 - Jade Fox . . . . . . . . 12:48 - Feather Dart
    16:00 - Attack Walking/Dodging . . . . . . . 17:43 - "Dancing" Around Bosses
    18:24 – Smashes

    Hello everyone! Here's a guide to playing our princess Lynn. This guide will mainly focus on Lynn's active skills and other possible tips.

    Lynn is kind of like the hit-and-run type of play style. She is very easy to learn and you'll develop the skills quickly. The key to doing good damage with Lynn is being fast with well timed and precise attack, and a lot of practice of course. Her main damage output will come from her Swift Assassin skill, which are these blue or golden orbs of light that can be placed on bosses with her follow-up smash attacks. I'll explain these later. For now, let's go through her skills.

    I'll start the list with her skills that I think are most important and go down to the least important.
    Note: You don't start out with all these skills, so this list is more for when you do have them all.
    Another note: I won't be including the passive skills such as Life Flare, or Strength, Agility, Willpower mastery, etc. It'll be more focused on her active skills with an exception of a few passives that you don't see in the skills tab.

    We'll start off with her actives:
    Little Rat
    This is one of Lynn's defensive skills. To trigger it, you must press your dodge key while standing still. This'll have Lynn leap backwards and simultaneously swing her glaive. When timed correctly you'll "block" an attack and gain a passive buff called Wind Step. I'll explain Wind Step soon. Little Rat is also an attack, so as her glaive connects with the attack she'll "block" that attack. Lynn will also gain another passive buff called Furious Tiger or Zhen Furious Tiger (which will be explained later). Keep in mind that sometimes when you do use Little Rat too early, you might get hit since it doesn't give any invincibility frames.

    Note on Little Rat: Little Rat is able to "block" some unblock-able attacks such as Havan's sand-mine AoE. As long as you time it correctly you will be fine.

    Thunder Leg
    This is Lynn's second defensive skill, which is her main dodge. This give's Lynn 0.42 seconds of invincibility frames at Rank A. She'll do a quick cart wheel and the invincibility frames will start kicking in when she leaves the ground. There's a short delay after using this skill, so you can't really dodge like a sword Lann. So be wary of bosses that have follow up combos.

    Swift Assassin
    This is Lynn's main damage output skill. You can stack up to ten Swift Assassin marks on bosses, which will be indicated as a passive buff (You'll see a little subscript with a number telling you how many marks are placed.) Now there are two different colored marks: Blue and Gold. Blue marks will do the most basic damage, but Gold marks deal 20% more damage compared to a Blue mark. When you do get a full ten stack of Gold marks, you'll get a passive buff called Full Bloom which means that your first Gold mark will do another additional damage, and it's a lot. You'll also get to stare in awe of the beauty of the explosions. Placing Gold marks is a little different process compared to placing a Blue mark. In order to place a Gold mark, you have to hit the boss with your Zhen smash attacks (indicated by a golden glow around Lynn). These Zhen smash attacks will be explained soon after this.

    Five Fingered Death [insert joke]
    This skill will allow Lynn to detonate the stacked up Swift Assassin marks that she built up. It can be triggered with the E key (it can be changed in the controls option).

    Fishtail Pole
    This is Lynn's follow-up second smash (LL-RR). This attack is a quick and easy way of placing a Swift Assassin mark(s). After her first second smash, Lynn will do a quick jab at the enemy. To trigger the Zhen smash, after the first smash attack (LL-R), if you hold the smash attack button for a quick moment, you'll see this golden light radiate from Lynn. You want to release the smash attack button at the moment the light appears. This will allow you to place a Gold mark on bosses. To know that you succeeded, golden lotus petals will emerge from the light. Or, if you have the damage indicator turned on, the numbers will be gold instead of red.

    Note on Fishtail Pole:
    - This is also the easiest skill to learn how to place Gold marks.
    - The hit-box on this attack is very narrow, so it gets difficult sometimes when trying to hit small bosses like Iset. So practice a lot with this, and you'll get used to it.

    Drunk Mantis
    This is Lynn's follow-up third smash (LLL-RR). Her third smash attacks are one of her most mobile attack chains. I personally like using it in situations where I can dodge and attack the bosses at the same time using this skill. Just like Fishtail Pole, you can trigger the Zhen smash by momentarily holding the smash attack button, then letting go at the right moment.

    Notes on Drunk Mantis:
    - The timing for a Zhen smash with Drunk Mantis has the longest hold time.
    - You can cancel this mid-animation with Little Rat.

    Flying Guillotine:
    This is Lynn's follow-up fourth smash (LLLL-RR). This is attack will be the preferred method to stack up Swift Assassin marks the fastest. This attack is actually two attacks in one movement, so it will place two marks instead of one. The first attack is when she does her mid-air spin, and the final attack is when she slams the ground. Just like the previous two skills, to trigger the Zhen smash, let go of the button the moment you see the golden light.

    Notes on Flying Guillotine:
    - The Zhen smash timing for this is slightly longer than Fishtail Pole but shorter than Drunk Mantis.
    - The hit-box for this attack is also narrow, so hitting small bosses like Iset proves to be slightly more difficult. It's also difficult to hit mobs such as the winged Gremlins in Misty Summit, or reapers in Twilight Desert, like the raid boss Pantheum.

    Some notes and tips on the Zhen Smashes:
    - In order to be able to use the Zhen smashes, you need to have these skills up to Rank C. Once at Rank C, you'll be able to place the Gold marks.
    - At first learn visually when to let go of the smash button. Once you get the feel of the timing, you usually can do it without having to look at Lynn, and be more focused on the boss.
    - You can use Zhen smashes to replace Blue marks with Gold marks.

    (Thanks to the several people who mentioned this to me)
    - There's also the double click method, meaning, instead of holding the smash button to use Fishtail Pole, Flying Guillotine, and Drunk Mantis, you can click the smash button after using the smash attack prior to these. However, you still have to hold the button for a moment to get the Zhen smash in. I found this much more easier to use, compared to holding the button. If you're already used to holding the button rather than clicking again, like how I was, don't worry about it too much, but it does feel much better to use, at least to me.

    Here's a nice video on how Lynn's Zhen smashes look like, as well as an attack speed comparison. This isn't my video, so credits goes to Dinny Forst :)
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