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It was a good run Vindi

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I just wanted to leave a little sentiment before I leave the game.

I started Vindictus five years ago (Six? It’s been awhile) and my first character was Evie. I remember when Evie would still swing her staff. I didn’t know she could cast magic at the time until it was pointed out to me. I wasn't a very serious player at the beginning so I stopped playing for awhile. Fast forward two years later, I remember watching Staff and Scythe evie solos and I thought that these players were amazing. These led me to take the game much more seriously and so I rewatched the videos until I could almost replicate it myself.

Fast forward to early 2014, I saw Lynn’s release teaser and I thought that it was perfect for me. Finally when her release came (June 18th, 2014) I promised to myself that I would dedicate my time to main Lynn. I was mainly a solo player up to this point so I spent a lot of time perfecting raids at least until Season 2 content. Fortunately I was able to gain the bare minimum stats so I wouldn’t get kicked from Season 2 boats. Around the time Cromm was released I finally gained enough stats and began to solo Season 2 content. I felt proud that I was able to solo Season 2 as a Lynn (aside from Kraken and Bark).

I went on a hiatus for awhile, shortly after Regina was released. When I came back, (around the Lugh’s release) through pure luck I was able fully enchant my armor, and create my +15 Skeleton Glaive. I found that soloing had become rather boring so it was around this time I showed up in parties more often.

It was also around this time I was invited to my current guild, Ascendents, by this very great staff Evie, Aqua22. The guild was small at first so I thought it would be nice to join. A few weeks later Neamhain released. The first week was quite hectic since I had lost hours and hours of sleep just trying to clear the raid. But because of this raid I met many skilled players and now I considered some of those players as my friend. Ascendents began to grow much larger after Neamhain. Honestly because of Ascendents, I’ve much more fun ever than before.

I’ve accomplished most of my goals: soloing almost every raid, achieving Golden God, etc. My only regret is not being able to solo Neamhain due to a lack of stats, but in my eyes it's been done c: . So to leave this, I just want to thank everyone for all the fun I’ve had in this game.


It was a good run Vindi.....

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  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    send all ur stuff to Feiu bud, o:)

    hey bud when ur free, come back and play umbrella lynn

    thx for da ring
  • BreastGrillBreastGrill
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    I was glad to have gotten to known one of the best Lynns on East before they quit.

    Thanks for having fun with me in vindi the past 6 months, hicarry!

    Hopefully our friendship doesn't end here. +fight

  • john10john10
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    thkx for sharing

    momonga [overlord]
  • hornywatermelonhornywatermelon
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    See you in 2-4 months when next content updates will arrive.
  • Aqua22Aqua22
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    +cry You're still a much better staffie than me and the greatest Lynn I've ever seen. Thanks for all the fun and remember to come back to teach me parasol +fight

    BTW, you'll always be Hicarry Pet no matter where you go. You're not getting out of that +best
  • KingRichRiceKingRichRice
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    ;-; my smol
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    You were an awesome Lynn to run with, you'll definitely be missed. Enjoy your stay wherever you move on to!
  • PandariaPandaria
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    This is too much :'(
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