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  • @ NEXON Regarding: Ban Appeals

    So what happened to the ban appeals you promised? One my most important and oldest guildies was banned when you updated, and you promised us you would look into this problem, then completely dropped the ball. This guildie is one of the kindest, most loyal, and HONEST person I have ever met online, period. He is extremely helpful to every, very friendly and kind. He has spent years raiding, not hacking, this game, doing his best to learn how to get good and has done very well.

    I had to hold myself back from saying things I might regret later, but only because I know that wouldn't help him, but honestly (and I have never said this for any reason) I feel like rage quitting now, and the only thing stopping me is I too am a loyal player to this game for 7 years, and very loyal GM. I care about both the game and my guild and take these things seriously. I only ask that you also take your JOBS seriously as well, and do as you promised and hold the ban appeals and look into reinstating those unfairly banned.

    I want this game to succeed, it should because it's easily the best game of it's genre, but unless you treat your Customers (the bosses of your boss) fairly, then this game or any other will continue to slide downhill, causing you to lose players. Yes, some of those players a f2p, but without them, the game dies, period. without the f2p player, even the whels will leave because there are not enough of them to keep the game alive.

    This means, you will lose your jobs. So I am asking you for the benefit of everyone here, including yourselves, to uphold your end of the deal.

    Thank you.

    ( To the trolls who always show up: you're only helping to kill this game faster, just stop.)