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  • @ NEXON: Thank You!

    Many times in the past I have been, to say the least disappointed and or upset with decisions you've made, or moreso, at the lack of attending to problems really. This time however I am very happy with how you handled this situation in the end. And so I think you deserve some good feedback.

    My only complaint is that some of your GM's were unhelpful at best, even rude at times. But that is normal for here unfortunately, and a major part of why there are so many problems. Please don't get me wrong though, you do have at least a couple GM's who are deserving of the position. One in particular one of my guidlies got a hold of was very helpful. For those good loyal GM's I am sorry that your name gets mixed in with the bad so often, you do not deserve that and I for one appreciate you guys very much!

    All in all I am very pleased personally, and I know I am not alone in this. I hope this is a sign that we can get this game back to having a large population of loyal players and loyal GM's by working together. That said...

    GOOD JOB NEXON! Thank you. ^-^
  • To those banned by Black Cipher

    First off: Welcome back to those banned! We missed you. ^-^

    Madcobra wrote: »

    Agreed, and Good Job Nexon! ^-^

  • Change to guild crops - surely a mistake right?

    chicane wrote: »
    all this for 8 Million a month! !

    Yea, the guild house seemed like a great idea at first. My guild is rather small (I'll get to why in a moment), and we worked our butts off to upgrade it and now pay our 8 mil per month on time every month. I'm guessing that whole thing is a cash sink that would be something to help the economy... if the game HAD an economy, lols. But it literally does nothing because the economy is being stabilized by the bots (that I won't go into for fear of being banned).

    Now, why our guild is so small after 3 years of recruiting is because someone had the brilliant idea of making us work for all of the guild skills we used to get for FREE. I suspect at that this was because (or at least the excuse) for keeping people in the game, and in part to help players with end game because bigger guilds often have more higher geared players that can help. But this doesn't work for everyone because as we all know, many GM's are bad at being leaders at best. Now I'm not saying I'm a great leader, but I do know that I am far more caring and fair minded than most people in general and I have held leadership positions in real life jobs for many decades. But also, and this is important, not everyone likes being in a big guild. The more quiet and especially shy players will almost always get overlooked in a large guild, and this isn't even the fault of good or bad leadership, it's just math coupled with personalities.

    I have been asking for them to give us back our free guild skills ever since because It has NOT increased the player base and has caused a lot of players to quit in fact. I would have been one of those players, but I am far too loyal to my guildies to ever do that. Although after more than half my guild left within just a month of them instituting this because they wanted all of the skills, leaving our guild in basically a shambles for awhile (and causing some of the remaining guildies to stop playing also), I stopped playing the game and would ONLY log in long enough to work my butt off to get enough GP to keep the guild from dying in the hopes we could rebuild (then I would go play Tera or GW2). I know many guilds that simply died because of this.

    Yes, some of those players from other guilds ended up in our guild eventually, but that is only because almost all, if not all, of their guildies had already left the game or moved on to one of the larger guilds too. I remember playing many years ago when anyone with the gumption and tenacity to do so could make a guild and watch it grow and still put most of their time into playing the game, helping new members and raiding with friends and guildies... Those days are long gone.

    In the last month I lost two of my strongest members who left with all their alts because their friends guild was dying and they had hardly any GP for skills too. And then by happenstance lost another guildie who like me had a ton of characters to work for GP (mt guess is that this becamse unbearably boring just like it did for me 2 years ago, and still is).

    This caused me to stop raiding again, and barely have time to help even my own new members, let alone new players who are not a part of our guild. That is something I have actually always loved doing too, helping random new players. That is how you make a game grow, by being a welcoming place for the NEW player. Without that, any game dies because players will always leave and just to keep a player base stable, you need new player to replace the ones who left.

    A week ago I fell very ill and am just now starting be able to breath normally, no ones fault, things happen, but in the meantime our stock of GP fell to almost nothing. That is where it still is today, and we only have half of our skills still because of the few guildies left (once again, so tired of going through this) and I doing our best to work for GP. But if anyone thinks coming to any game just to spend most of their play time (or in my case all of it again) JUST working for GP is fun, I have to put it bluntly and say they are insane.

    But here is how to fix these things and bring more players back to the game. Make the game FUN to work on. I don't actually mind grindy games, and am by no means lazy, but this is sheer monotony and has lost almost all of its fun factor for me and anyone else going through this... and it's been like this for TWO YEARS now. Honestly, if I didn't care so much about my guild, I wouldn't be here anymore, and I adore this game too. But I hate what these things have done to it. So...

    1) Give us back our guild skills for free like they were for many years without any problem.

    2) Fix this issue with the crops.

    3) Give us hotkey or easy access to the guild house.

    4) Allow us to invite others to our house.

    The guild house itself is awesome (though a few big trees in the yard would be a lovely touch) but No One uses the guild house because it's beyond inconvenient, and ONLY guild members can enter. Maybe this works for guilds that are large enough and like to shut out others and be exclusive, but for friendly helpful guilds like mine, it renders the house almost useless because we have to abandon our friends just because they happen to be in another guild. At least allow us to invite people over. I like guests in real life, I enjoy the company of people I meet and I feel no desire to be so exclusive and make others feel unwanted. That is why the only time I go to our guild house is to water and replace crops. And that's a shame because it's quite beautiful and could be so fun. We could throw parties too.

    I hope these things will be seriously considered for the welfare of everyone here. For new and veteran players, for the workers at nexon and even the big boss. These things will only increase happiness, fun (<- it is a game afterall, should be fun right?) and the prosperity of the company, monetarily, and good public opinion. I would think these things matter in huge way to any game business, and to be frank, nexon has a pretty bad reputation. But I'm not taking a jab, nexon has done some great things too, and I don't over look those things and am grateful, I just want everyone to succeed and for the game and the company to grow and be prosperous. If nexon is making money, then things can be better taken care of for the players as well.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but these things are that important to all of us, whether we want to see it or not. Thanks for reading...

    I wish you ALL peace and prosperity. ^-^

  • @ NEXON Regarding: Ban Appeals

    So what happened to the ban appeals you promised? One my most important and oldest guildies was banned when you updated, and you promised us you would look into this problem, then completely dropped the ball. This guildie is one of the kindest, most loyal, and HONEST person I have ever met online, period. He is extremely helpful to every, very friendly and kind. He has spent years raiding, not hacking, this game, doing his best to learn how to get good and has done very well.

    I had to hold myself back from saying things I might regret later, but only because I know that wouldn't help him, but honestly (and I have never said this for any reason) I feel like rage quitting now, and the only thing stopping me is I too am a loyal player to this game for 7 years, and very loyal GM. I care about both the game and my guild and take these things seriously. I only ask that you also take your JOBS seriously as well, and do as you promised and hold the ban appeals and look into reinstating those unfairly banned.

    I want this game to succeed, it should because it's easily the best game of it's genre, but unless you treat your Customers (the bosses of your boss) fairly, then this game or any other will continue to slide downhill, causing you to lose players. Yes, some of those players a f2p, but without them, the game dies, period. without the f2p player, even the whels will leave because there are not enough of them to keep the game alive.

    This means, you will lose your jobs. So I am asking you for the benefit of everyone here, including yourselves, to uphold your end of the deal.

    Thank you.

    ( To the trolls who always show up: you're only helping to kill this game faster, just stop.)
  • Game Will Close in 10 Seconds | BlackCipher

    This always happens after they change the no-cheat program. Then they get a ton of false positives and just ban ppl. But that wouldn't be such a problem if they weren't too lazy to deal with their problems.