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  • We need a NEW EVENT director .

    Idk. KR got much better events this year than we ever did. I don't think it's director this time around, I think it may be something on NA. KR gets really decent events but there have been a few occasions where that same event would be ported over, only to have certain outfitters or items switched out.

    For example, the Field Stadium sets were supposed to be put on the Avatar shop and NOT be in those rip off got'cha cons (gochapons) while outfit from the "Wedding in the East" update was put in the Avatar shop instead.

    Another example is that coin event where you basically had to spend a certain amount of nx or spend a certain amount of time in game to be able to get a pair of White Phoenix Wings on KR, but when it was ported over to EU and NA, we got Cursed Devil Wings instead.

    Let's not forget about all the golden time events KR got, while we only got one that was early on this year. There was also a login event where you had to spend a certain amount of time in game that at the end of it, you got a choice of choose between Black, White and Regular Phoenix Wings that we never got as well.

    From the pattern I'm noticing, it seems that NA's branch has some control as to what events get ported over and what doesn't, as well as what items are distributed or switched out. I could be wrong with that theory, but with how shady NA and the very little communication we've been having lately, I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up being correct.
  • List of Bugs/Glitches

    -Game Crashing

    -Sword Vella's Latency with Cross Cut

    -Weird clipping with Emanating Gloves item

    -Friendlist wiped out

    -Weird dislocated shoulder & floating weapon bug/glitch when loading into area/lagged

    Feel free to add to the list of other bugs/glitches you all find in/with the game.. I crashed just now during the first boss of BCE, not the first time either.
  • Lann Twin Sword rework !

    What they should do, is give us back the shortly lived revamp that Lann had. After Arisha came out, he had gotten a good rework that made him able to stand on par with both Arisha and Hurk. But he was then given a soft nerf to where his critical damage isn't as intense anymore, as well as reducing the damage of his furies- including Fury No. 7, while also nerfing his critical rate ( at least it feels like it lol). With Delia and Sylas out and being able to do massive amounts of consistent damage, he once again falls behind everyone else. The "constant" Furious buff isn't enough for him, if his chance to get a crit isn't all that great to begin with (there's also risky wind, but that sometimes doesn't help either)- and it'll show in most s3 raids/runs- especially in Neamhain.

    It's weird how out of all the characters that got reworks/revamps, he's the only (Vella kind of did too, but NA got her slight damage nerf + buff along with the revamp) character that got nerfed after his revamp, where as Evie remains completely OP, Hurk was the main culprit that ruined damage scaling, and Karok is insanely good now (though he deserves to be). These characters are also highly mobile too, which means they don't have as hard a time in chasing down bosses that are also highly mobile where as Lann is on the slower slide in terms of just moving around in general. All the other characters (not including Fiona) have a way of keeping up with these bosses:

    Lynn- Little Rat
    Arisha- Diffusion Warp/Shift
    Hurk- High Mobility in general
    Delia- Cosmic Blitz
    Vella- Frost Jack (though keeps distance with chains) / Storm Step + Thunderous Squall combo
    Evie- Flying Sparrow / Blink
    Karok- in combination with decent attack speed and how far his attacks travel, he's also decentl with mobility.
    Kai- Don't even get me started..
    Sylas- Same boat as Kai/Evie/Arisha

    So when you look at what Lann & Fiona are competing against, they get the short end of the stick; as not only do they have to keep up, but the also have to do a bit more for damage to make it feel like you're contributing to party runs/raids. They both heavily rely on scrolls/infusions, making them pretty close to being the most RNG riddled characters. Need both crit and speed (and balance), which the only ES that really give those stats are number ranks- which have a bad success rates, as well as having the chance to break your equipment. Now, I know many characters also rely on the same scrolls, but outside of Lynn, it's not so important for them as it is for Lann and Fiona. You can argue that Slashing High helps with attack speed, but they still need help. I mention Fiona a lot, despite not ever playing her, but she's pretty much in the same boat as Lann- from what I understand.

    There's also the issue of trying to go for a fury, or combo string-smashes in general and having gust sting cancel it out instead which is annoying for both sword variant Lann and Vella.

    All in all, Lann has a higher scale cap compared to most of the other characters that skill alone can't really make up for and doesn't have some sort of utility or niche to justify why he falls behind so hard.

    In case my stats matter:

    Attack: 24.4-25k
    Att Speed: 54
    Crit: 115/116(without furious)
    Def: 10.4k
    Balance: 88-89

    *Sword Lann is the character that got me into playing this game in the first place, and I have little to no interest whatsoever in switching to spears.
  • Where to even begin..

    And to further elaborate on the bug in Berbhe runs where killing a monster or such would cause a massive lag spike, the first time I encountered it I noticed that multiple copies of the killed goblin were being produced in the spot with the floating stones. Again in the boss room when killing the mobs, if you kill them "too soon", multiple copies will be produced once more and apparently so many and fast that it'll cause a massive lag spike that you can't wait out. Like I said, waiting to the end of it will eventually make the game run smoother but you'll be stuck in place not being able to move. Something similar like this happened in BCE when it first came out, didn't it?