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  • The Fatigue System

    Feels like Nexon is trying suicide stunts now...
  • Missing cosmetics

    Still waiting for Miri's inner...
  • Why the Hell cant we Mail gold Between characters.

    Teknofobix wrote: »
    Another thing that pisses me off about this update as its made me feel robbed by Nexon with their take take take and no give. On Average $102.10 USD was spent on Extended storage for the amount of materials that were needed prior to the update to store craft materials until all could be collected Multiply that by the number of characters you maxed the storage on. Then you have Guild Storage $267.00 USD that is usually used to store craft materials long term to assist other crafter's in guild. Then don't forget the people that actually bought the loot pets usually $9.00 USD ea and most who have 1 bought more then 1 loot pet due to the short duration, or spent hundreds of dollars to get the Hell Fairies only to have them rendered pretty much useless a month later. If your going to render the primary functionality of something you payed for useless you should at least modify them so they have a purpose or remove the time duration on them maybe give them a permanent stat bonus. On top of that you removed pretty much all Raids so there is only Abyssal for bravery seal farming and that's only on certain days. On days Abby isn't active even with VVIP I still cant make my 20 seals in a day max you can get is 18. Then there is the removal of being able to upgrade after blowing up an item once, and forcing you to swap out all shard to rare ones to go past +12 only to blow up going to +13.

    Uhm what are you talking about? I can understand the whole thing with the saved materials and everything but the thing with the loot pets... they did get an additional effect in case you didnt know yet. They still pick up your loot for you and grant additional drops now and then. It's like having a perma cadet badge or luck blessing. Imo loot pets are more usefull then ever since RISE update
  • Pioneer of Change title reduces DEF by 500

    Okay after hours of thinking what could have caused the problem... i noticed that my returning player buff ran out so... if that grants you 500 def it would explain why i suddenly lost it.

    Guess my bad then sorry for false report...
  • Raid Drops

    I'm sure that is not how it's supposed to be. i haven't dropped a single purple since the update and more trashloots then ever before. Why has noone else mentioned this yet?