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  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    You are right overall, because now groups of people leveling together will have no challenge at all at any point and people looking to take on a solo challenge will not have any until they reach level 90 (which takes a while)... but I would like to make it crystal clear that there was a few problems with this game's leveling experience. The challenge the game optionally gave us was great, I was honestly bored until i got smacked around in a hard mode raid i was trying to do for the story. I ended up barely beating it after a few tries with just socks left, all armor busted lol. I was like wow thats cool and fun to have these brutal fights. The problem though is I got super tired tbh at the end of season 1. It was sending me to raid after raid AFTER raid and i was like god PLEASE. To study all the attacks in all the raids and solo it was taking way too long, plus it was dead content and not worth learning anyway. I was simply not in the mood for this anymore, but I was super into the story and loved the direction it was going. I also love visual novels so I love how the story is told for the most part. The fix? I discovered I could walk up to the board and do easy mode! I was so used to using the quick battle menu that I forgot that was a thing. But then had to go back and forth and back and forth from rocheste dock to colhen dock and search for wherever the heck the area it was that had the raid. It was actually confusing. The worst part though is even on easy mode Keagan did the one hit kill, and Thor could kill me in two to three hits LOL. They had way less HP and were slower though, so my plan literally became to go into dark knight and just nuke them before I started to slip up and get hit. So when you look at how easy the pre-90 battles are now, its really no different. I just dont have to walk anywhere, dont have to see the empty boat depart scene everytime and don't have to wonder like 'can i do this on hard without dark knight' and whatnot.

    I think they should sell level 90 characters tbh. If someone doesn't like the story, they will be bored for a while as things are right now. They should also probably allow lower levels into hero mode and scale their stats up to a certain minimum. This way they can group up or find a challenge when they desire it