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September 24, 1988
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  • hold on, are these really 37$ per outfit set..............?! O.O
  • I thought game companies only HAD to block a region if another entity (Nexon EU) owned the rights to the SAME GAME in that region...? This whole thing makes absolutely no sense to me, whatever archaic law is in action here needs to be next on Trump'…
  • I'm actually STILL upset about this, I ended up getting it on a character I wanted to eventually delete. I'm even still upset about not being able to share the abracadabra title and still upset about not being able to mail items from alts I had thin…
  • I have yet to see it just drop somewhere... I was able to buy one for 2.5 million or so on the Marketplace, it was crafted by a player named vLink (West)
  • You are right overall, because now groups of people leveling together will have no challenge at all at any point and people looking to take on a solo challenge will not have any until they reach level 90 (which takes a while)... but I would like to …
  • mine says its downloading at 7mb/s, that is verizon fios internet though. I hear korea has even better internet than usa, is that true?
  • Suhpreme wrote: » what are the problems people having with lynn's little rat/windstep? For me, the biggest thing annoying me was how I sometimes would get the circle animation (meaning successful counter) during little rat jump, but windstep wo…
  • I've got 69 essence.. I was saving for a myst shard after buying one of the runes, if i was unable to do 1 more day to get ~80 then I would just get revives. I feel betrayed with how the shop was removed. I know someone is going to say 'why didnt I …