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  • Are Old Meb and Naveen the same person?

    Could someone currently going through S2 story post pictures of the story dialogue for the "Dreaming Old Meb" and "Awakened Old Meb" side stories? I want to confirm something, and it's not on the Vindictus wiki.

    I have a theory that Old Meb is actually Naveen, based on a few small details I noticed from the story. We know that Naveen is the prophet of the Silent Brotherhood, and Old Meb has some kind of prophetic ability as seen in Milo's Asleep. In Awakened Old Meb, if I recall correctly, a big deal is made of Old Meb falling asleep / dreaming; at the end, Verafim shows up out of nowhere and tells her something along the lines of, "Soon it will be time to wake up, Aldinameb." In Infiltration, a main story at the beginning of S2E4, we see Verafim talking to a Fomor Domination-bound Naveen, and making references to her now being "awake." There's not much else aside from references to their prophetic abilities and sleeping/waking, but it's an interesting idea :o

  • PSA: Moving gold between characters on the same ID

    If you want to send gold to your alts without incurring the 5% tax, make sure you spell your character's name with correct capitalization.
  • So what about TIR Coins/NX selling?

    Just wanted to pop in and say that there are, indeed, other people reading this thread who are more... open-minded, let's say, and more receptive to an open discussion about this topic. Many of us may be keeping silent for various reasons, including reluctance to get involved in a flaming war, or because we've grown complacent with the airtight system that we already have, but we're still here and listening. @ EU players, I'd suggest directing your comments to this audience, rather than trying to convince specific outspoken posters in this thread. Do keep bringing in information and evidence, though, and keep up the fight -- the "it wouldn't benefit me, so nobody should have it" attitude of some people shouldn't stop you from advocating for yourselves.

    My own two cents: first off, keep in mind that TIR and airtight are NOT mutually exclusive -- we can have both at the same time. And no, having both will not decrease Nexon's profits, because people don't buy gachas for the airtights. Anyway, personally, I feel that the fact that TIR doesn't depend on events already constitutes a major advantage over airtight items. After all, that's the entire point of the system: so players can get NX items without spending NX or depending on events. The selection of airtight items that becomes available is also inconsistent between events, which further detracts from players' ability to get what they want when they want it. (That answers "Why bring TIR in this game when everyone gets what they want?" Obviously, not everyone is getting what they want.) The ability to buy outfitters is another plus for TIR. And no, "just open your wallet and buy some NX" is not a valid argument because the purpose of this thread is to discuss different methods of making NX items accessible for non-paying players.

    But if NA doesn't get it, at least give EU back their TIR. It's been proven to work for them, so why fix something that isn't broken? And if anyone says "No fair, why should EU get TIR if NA doesn't?" -- well, either 1) you agree that TIR is unnecessary, so you shouldn't care anyway, or 2) you do believe that TIR would be beneficial, in which case get on this thread and show your support. You have a voice -- use it, or allow one person to dictate the entire community's position.