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Are Old Meb and Naveen the same person?

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Could someone currently going through S2 story post pictures of the story dialogue for the "Dreaming Old Meb" and "Awakened Old Meb" side stories? I want to confirm something, and it's not on the Vindictus wiki.

I have a theory that Old Meb is actually Naveen, based on a few small details I noticed from the story. We know that Naveen is the prophet of the Silent Brotherhood, and Old Meb has some kind of prophetic ability as seen in Milo's Asleep. In Awakened Old Meb, if I recall correctly, a big deal is made of Old Meb falling asleep / dreaming; at the end, Verafim shows up out of nowhere and tells her something along the lines of, "Soon it will be time to wake up, Aldinameb." In Infiltration, a main story at the beginning of S2E4, we see Verafim talking to a Fomor Domination-bound Naveen, and making references to her now being "awake." There's not much else aside from references to their prophetic abilities and sleeping/waking, but it's an interesting idea :o

  1. Are Old Meb and Naveen the same person?15 votes
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    in the story dialogue, naveen was already controlled near the end of s2, and I don't think verafim came to malina at any point in the story
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    I always thought they were. Old Meb seems to have the same kind of prophecies and there was something she had said in Malina that made my go "Ooooh it's Naveen". I can't remember what exactly but i'm currently playing thru a 2nd time and I'll get screenshots when I get back to it if no one else has confirmed it by then.