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  • 2020 Kr Summer Update & 17th Character: Kael

    Great post! Thank you for all the info ^^
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Kurs wrote: »
    One thing I'd like to add too, is that people always assume Nexon's money grubby. It may be true, it also may be false. But I think if all people look for is the negative, then all they'll find and see is the negative. I prefer to try to see the whole truth if I can, and I think if I assumed everything was Nexon or the employees being money grubby then I think that would be hard for me to see, and hard for them to change, especially if no matter what they do all people will see is "they're money grubby". After all, if everyone but the whales boycott them then they can't change because they still need money. However, if everyone gives them a chance and enough people other than whales spend money, then that gives them the opportunity to change and expand their options, since then they'll have more sources of income to keep the game running. That's what I think anyways.

    Ofc we only see the negative. What good comes from limiting your playerbase from actually playing as they want? I too try to see the good in things, but there's nothing good in this. "New content will use the fatigue system to improve things" why? why do we need this to improve anything?

    There are other things in the game that need improvment, like the leveling. Many new players give up, because the low levels dont feel meaningful, are too easy and feel like a drag. why isnt that being fixed instead? Why is the RNG of drops still so bad? now's it's even worse, because you are limited in what you can do.

    Why don't we see more sets going on the NX store, so the people that can't spend 450 euros on crystals can get new sets? When was the last time we even got a new set there?

    And there are many others flaws, but you know what? I do approve some improvments they made with time, like the reforging, being able to get a 100% scroll if you fail too many times, and so on, you know, stuff that actually makes the lives of players better, and if they were implemented earlier, we might not have lost so many people as time went on. But going back to the fatigue system, this in no way makes anyone happy. I have my main character, and i don't care about playing with alts, so this just ruins the game for me. I've been away from the game for a while, and this system just makes me want to give up in the game.

    Now, please, tell me, can you think in any way that this thing will improve the game in a way that not having it couldnt? Be honest, because i can't see any reason future content needs this.
  • The Fatigue System

    Please, remove this system, it doesn't help the game in any way, you will just be pushing more people away from it.
  • So when are we getting Teide/ Gunkata for Hurk

    Matthiak wrote: »
    Wouldn't be a problem if they would just bloody tell us when things are releasing.

    there's a very easy solution and that is, checking vindi main page to check the news of any update, if it isn't there, no one here will know either.
  • 5% COD/ Market Fee Is Way Too High

    oh, sorry, i missed that part ^^'
    That sucks, yeah, hopefully they change that