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2020 Kr Summer Update & 17th Character: Kael

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I don't usually make posts (since I don't know any Korean), but I've tried my best to gather some links, images, and videos that briefly explain the coming.
Video by ReCounter Vindictus explaining the content:

Laying out its contents here too:

1. There's a new raid: Ragnahim
More info (but in Korean) http://heroes.nexon.com/News/devnote/View?postno=357

B TANK's spear Lann solo:


2. Tower of Bewilderment
(A solo tower climbing instance)
more accurate info (in Korean) http://heroes.nexon.com/News/devnote/View?postno=356

Edit: Explanation video by ReCounter Vindictus

Gameplay by MintRisha

3. Friendship skills
These were already shown in a previous post, here they are again.
Released combo's so far: Eira & Arisha | Lann & Lynn | Karok & Delia | Evie & Lethor | Miri & Hurk
Predicted future combinations based on special interactions: Kai & Vella | Sylas & Bel

Cleaner version for Karok and Delia

4. Lens items
There's also changes to the cosmetic system, but I don't know exactly what.

5. New character
The team has said they are working on a male character. We can expect to see him in July. According to the translation by ReCounter Vindictus, this will be his weapon:
(Personally, I would have liked to see a more interesting type of weapon, possibly even magical, but we'll see how he plays.)

Some other videos:

"In August,the whole new content update will be made that has never been done in Vindictus ever before."

That was a long post!