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2020 Jan kr update #2

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I previously created a post about kr update of shield changes, lv105 unlock etc. If you are interested, feel free to check it out.

Today i wanna bring another good news to all vindictus players. There are 2.

#1 New female character Lethor, seemingly a kungfu/brawler character.

Funny thing is ....

As you can see, it was all started with a April's fool joke from devcat. Then it turns out becoming reality. Delia. Haggie (Sylas), Miul (Eira), Cradie will be lv105 boss tho.
Fun fact, Kiva is a male brawler character. BUT now dev team is turning him to Lethor for obvious reasons. Not gonna list all those reasons, you guess them =)

Still, i am looking forward to see her joining this universe, seems fun. BUT HER FACE, GOD DAMN, SHE LOOKS ALIKE Miul (imo).

#2 Modification of current Feet and Hand model (FEMALE ONLY)

There will be changes to hand and feet model on female characters.

Hand part:
DUE to large amount of works need to be implemented (outfit compatibility concerns), dev team decided not to change the hand model, but swap it with better texture pack.

Feet part:
Dev team mentioned there are only small amount of works to do if they are going to change the feet model. SO NOW, feet model will be reworked and comes with better texture pack.

PLEASE be aware that above changes ONLY applicable to female characters.

That's all i am posing today. IF anyone has more updates, please share them under this thread so everyone can get a chance to view them. THANK YOU.


  • BabyDaniBabyDani
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    thank you for sharing this <3 the feet remodel is like a dream come true!
  • StrangerinaStrangerina
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    Someone will probably make a longer post about Lethor, but for now, here's a link to some video that shows her gameplay (6:12), transforms, emotes and other stuff

    Emotes and poses:

    All Skills:

    Some gameplay ones:

  • PrettyPrincessPrettyPrincess
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    Some of her attack animations look a little stiff but still looks fun. I bet everyone's wishing they'd bought the Mai Shiranui outfit from the one-time KOF collab -- I certainly wish I had!

    At the time I couldn't justify 60 USD on an outfit in a game with no martial artists, but I did at least get the emote packs. I hope they'll consider bringing it back; it seems like it'd be an easy money-maker with Lethor.
  • AnduriAnduri
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    ? someone know what Lethor in STR Or INT ? would love to know + can not wait for her :):)
  • PhaliantPhaliant
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    Anduri wrote: »
    ? someone know what Lethor in STR Or INT ? would love to know + can not wait for her :):)

    Yes she's a STR based character.
  • AnduriAnduri
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    k tysm for info Phaliant much love kisses +best +yay +smile ty again :)