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  • Are you looking forward to the RISE update?

    For the most part it is indeed a great update so since the list of bad things is shorter I'll stick to that,

    1. Additional Damage revamp; +14s and under are getting nerfed meanwhile +15-20 are getting buffed...real hard. So hard that If I ever join a party and see a +16 or higher I'm leaving. Why should I stick around and potentially get fewer cores for doing more work than someone that doesn't even know how to play and got lucky? Which goes on to my next point...
    2. More cores per damage; Being in a stacked party was never a bad thing, boss dies faster, more raids done in a shorter time so more time to chill. Here's the problem, if you do 40%+ you get +1 core, if you do 80%+ you get 2 extra cores. As with someone with a decently decked out character, I already do up to 50ish%. With the huge power creep of 16s and higher people might actually get 80%+ and in a 4 man party someone hits 80%+ what about the other 3 members? They will average 6.6% AND if you manage to do 3% or less you get one core. Rip playing with randoms from here on out.
    3. Additional damage on armors? Come on man.....
    4. I've always been someone that wants to max out weapons/enhance/titles etc. because I find it fun. With rates for +13 to 15 being cut in half when I had already given up on ever getting a new 15 and being forced to stick to a 13 is the new thing, myself and many many others have already decided to move on to other games, I really disliked BDO but I'm getting accustomed to it since well....it has a future. Unless they do something so people have a chance of progression within the game then don't be surprised if you don't find anyone online.
    5. Massive stats increase with new items; we can't afford to spend so much NX gearing out/maxing out new gears once a year. Some can yeah but nearly as many people will be willing to do it anymore.
    6. Last but not least, Nerfed raids; for season 1 and 2 I get it. Outdated content move on to the new stuff. But S3 also being 4 man raids? I'm not digging it.

    That's pretty much it unless there is unreleased info/incorrect info. I'm still holding out hope since nothing will compare until maybe Dauntless goes open beta in October sometime, and believe me I wish to be playing this game for many years to come.
  • Can Brynn leave the Magic Lab?

    I don't think anyone has a solid answer but in the S3 story when Brynn decides to leave the lab and assist you in Ben Chenner, you(the character) is very worried about him stepping out of the lab to which Brynn tells you to fly a kite and that he's no frail old man. That's about all I've seen thus far.