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  • Optimal DPS Rotation + Sta Regen on Neamhain(Niet)

    This is coming from a Delia that does Neamhain 24/7 while hugging the boss(on average 25%) but the optimal rotation in my opinion on sandbag bosses(I will be using Niet as an example) would be as follows.

    Start off with your Orbital Flurry to Falling Comet, soon as that is done, use Cosmic Blitz(your dash) and link it to Falling Comet again. If you have the SP, do active:wild star then gravity hop to cancel the ending animation. Rotate back to your Orbital Flurry to Falling Comet. Fit in Starbloom when needed(Sta regen)

    Another method would be to use Rings of Saturn into Rising comet> ion thrust> then skip into Rings of Saturn by LR-R(this is because the first left click is cancelled by the ion thrust). You can also link Rings of Saturn into Rising Comet> ion thrust> Orbital Flurry>Falling Comet(LLR-R, again cancelled by ion for the first left click>Cosmic Blitz>Falling Comet.

    Rinse and repeat. With wolf paw, this will be a lot faster due to the speed increase.

    As for Neamhain, this really depends on your speed and how much you know of her patterns but I would stick to Rings of Saturn into Rising Comet OR Starbloom(This move serving a double purpose as you regain stamina off of it). Rising Comet> Ion thrust can be linked into Falling Comet or Starbloom(again for sta regen).

    If you have the time you can always fit in a Falling Comet and if you need stamina regen, then I would suggest either countering after your eclipse or using Starbloom.

    If you play like I do against the edge of the map, Cosmic Blitz into the wall + Falling Comet is an easy way to do some extra damage. Of course, use your common sense since Neamhain's patterns are random.


    Active Ion Thrust - 10% dmg stone
    Falling Comet - 10% dmg stone
    Lunar Assault - 10% dmg stone
    Meteor Impact - 10% dmg stone
    Orbital Flurry - 10% dmg stone
    Rings of Saturn - 10% dmg stone
    Starbloom- 10% dmg stone
    Supernova - 10% dmg stone
    Wild Star- 10% dmg stone
    Rising Comet- 10% dmg stone
    Solar Flare - 10% dmg stone

    Active: Wild Star - 70 sp reduction (Since this will be used in Sandbag dps, it requires SP) again better than reduction stones
    Active: Zenith - 70 sp reduction (Can only be used every 10minutes so using time reduction stones wouldn't be beneficial)